Unlocking the Power of Chicken Composting: Boosting Permaculture Productivity and Reducing Feed Bills

Incorporating chickens into your composting system is not just about raising poultry; it’s a game-changer for permaculture practices.

This symbiotic relationship not only leads to healthier and happier chickens but also results in the creation of nutrient-rich compost, providing a holistic solution for sustainable farming.

The Symbiotic Relationship

When you raise chickens on manure, you’re not just providing them with a natural diet rich in earthworms – you’re setting the stage for a beneficial partnership.

Chickens, in turn, become your compost helpers by consuming bad bugs, parasites, and larvae present in the manure.

This not only prevents the reproduction of harmful pests but also significantly cuts down on your chickens’ feed bill.

The protein and minerals derived from bugs and larvae contribute to the chickens’ health and the production of strong eggshells.

Additionally, chickens efficiently consume undigested food, turning it into free, high-quality chicken feed.

The result?

Enhanced egg production, healthier chickens, and substantial savings on feed costs.

Benefits for Composting

Chickens aren’t just consumers; they actively participate in the composting process.

As they scratch, tear, and work on the compost pile, they contribute to its decomposition.

Their constant activity ensures the compost decomposes more quickly, and in the winter, the heat generated by the compost pile provides additional warmth to the chicken area.

Cleaning the chicken coop becomes a seamless part of the composting routine.

By dumping the droppings into the compost pile, you not only add valuable organic material but also let the chickens naturally mix it into the pile.

This creates a win-win situation – a cleaner coop and a thriving composting process.

Getting Started with Chicken Composting

Create a Composting Area

Establish a dedicated composting area in your chicken coop where organic material can be easily dumped.

Add Organic Material

Add organic material to the compost pile without worrying about mixing – let your chickens naturally tear into it and do the work for you.

Compost with Chickens

Heap your base organic materials and add kitchen scraps. Chickens instinctively start working on the pile, combining their efforts with yours.

Cleaning the Coop

Dump chicken coop droppings into the compost pile, letting the chickens further contribute to the composting process.

Make Compost Tea

Utilize the nutrient-rich compost to create compost tea, enhancing its benefits for your permaculture system.

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