Unlocking Garden Success: Biodynamic Compost Tea and Dynamization Practice

When discussing Compost Tea with my students or fellow farmers, the perception is often that it involves too much effort.

I have a profound appreciation for Biodynamic Agriculture, particularly the Dynamization practice.

Dynamization, a fundamental practice in Biodynamic Agriculture, involves enhancing the oxygen levels in water to stimulate and amplify the microbiological life within the liquid.

The process is designed to create a dynamic and thriving environment for beneficial microorganisms, contributing to the overall health of the soil and, consequently, the plants it supports.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the Dynamization process:

Compost Selection

Begin with a quality compost that includes a diverse range of organic materials.

The richness of the compost will influence the microbial diversity in your final Compost Tea.

Worm Castings and Molasses

Supplement the compost with worm castings, which are rich in beneficial microorganisms.

Add molasses, a natural source of sugars, to provide energy for microbial growth.

Combine these components in a small bucket.

Water Mixing

Introduce water into the compost, worm castings, and molasses mixture using a high-pressure pump.

This step aims to oxygenate the solution thoroughly.

The high-pressure pump ensures the water becomes saturated with oxygen, creating an oxygen-rich environment for microorganisms.


Initiate the dynamization process, which typically involves stirring or agitating the water vigorously.

This action further incorporates oxygen into the solution, promoting the growth and activity of aerobic microorganisms.


Once the Compost Tea is dynamically prepared, it is promptly applied to the garden or soil.

The goal is to deliver a potent dose of beneficial microorganisms directly to the target area.

By integrating Dynamization with the Compost Tea-making process in my permaculture system, I achieved remarkable results, such as growing Giant Squash.

Watch the video below and start producing your Compost Tea using the Biodynamic approach.

Embark on the journey of crafting nutrient-rich compost tea manually. Witness the hands-on process of creating a powerful organic elixir for your permaculture garden.

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