Whenever I talk to my students about making Compost Tea, they often feel it is to much work.

The same happens when I explain Compost Tea to farmers or home gardeners.

You know,  I love Biodynamic Agriculture, especially the practice of Dynamization, a process that increases the amount of oxygen in the water and increasing exponentially the microbiological life in the water.

After having looked at the video below I started to combine the Dynamization practice with the Compost Tea making process in my permaculture system and I had very BIG results (see these Giant Squash).

The process is really simple and not time-consuming; what you need to do is:

  • Take your compost;
  • Put worm castings (you can find close to your compost pile) and molasses together to the compost in a small bucket;
  • Mix all these components with water using a pump with high pressure; you will bring a lot of oxygen into the solution;
  • Start the dynamization of the solution you created;
  • Spray your Compost Tea everywhere you can as soon as possible.

The combination of different methodologies is one of the reasons of the success in my garden and at my courses….so, now, enjoy the video and try immediately to produce your Compost Tea in the Biodynamic way.

Enjoy the utube video:

Be sure to share it to inspire your friends and family to make their Compost Tea Easy!

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