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All our basic needs are met by the Earth herself, and our next higher needs are met through community with each other.

Nature keeps us alive for free.

Thank you for donating to World Permaculture Association!

The donations we receive make a huge difference for our small not-for-profit organisation.

Each contribution aids in the fulfillment of our mission: to collaborating with a network of food producers, governments and community leaders to build local economies through the development of sustainable food and energy systems all over the world:

  • By teaching sustainable agricultural practices and renewable energy
  • Empowering and educating permaculture enthusiasts
  • Aiding in permaculture and environmental regeneration projects specifically
    designed to support future generations of life on earth
  • Connecting the Permaculture movement with International Institutions, Governments (national and local), Universities, Schools, Companies, Professional Organisations and others

More specifically, donation proceeds are used for:

  • Ongoing projects and research
  • Security, both cyber security for the website and physical security
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Operational costs

In a time of global degeneration, World Permaculture Association purpose is to inform and empower individuals and communities through training, knowledge, and collaborative funding on how Permaculture and related agroecological practices backed by the science of Nature’s Design can put the power of the people back into the hands of the many and rebuild our shared home even beyond its former glory.

Providing not only nutrient-rich chemical free sustainable food supplies that encourage healthy prosperous disease-free life on earth but clean land, water, and air, as well as alternative energy, and economic systems for all life on earth to enjoy together.

We believe a global network of self-reliant local regenerative enterprises dedicated to fair labor and exchange that brings great value to their local community is the only sustainable social, economic, and ecological solution that will avoid the collapse of our way of life and the pending extinction of life on earth.

Supporting our work you are filling our global community with the positive energy we need!

We accept donations:

  • Via the form at the right of this page
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  • You can mail a payble check to: World Permaculture Association, via Barlaam da Seminara n. 22, 88100 Catanzaro, Italy

With gratitude,
World Permaculture Association Team