Support the Green: Rewrite the Story of Your Money Beliefs with Permaculture

Welcome to the secret garden of sustainability, where your donations become seeds for a flourishing future. 

Through permaculture, we’ll together transform money beliefs into tangible opportunities to cultivate our green Eden.

Dive into the narrative of positive change.

A tranquil illustration depicting 'The Song of Green Coins: A Melody of Sustainability'. The scene is a lush garden, embodying the melody of permaculture, with coins and financial contributions represented as glowing musical notes harmonizing with nature. Blooming flowers, green foliage, and leaves rustling in the wind create a sensory experience. Magical touches around the plants symbolize the transformative power of donations, while a sign reading 'Give to Cultivate the Future: Guide to Sustainability Seeds' invites viewer participation.

The Song of Green Coins: A Melody of Sustainability

Immerse yourself in the melody of permaculture, where each contribution is a harmonious note to transform our world.

Close your eyes and envision a lush garden, the sound of wind through leaves, and the scent of blossoming flowers.

Every donation becomes a magical touch, a symphony of sustainability.

Give to Cultivate the Future: Guide to Sustainability Seeds

Seed of Knowledge ($10):

  • Imagine: The sprout of a curious plant.
  • Impact: Keep our website active, an endless source of knowledge.

Sprout of Inspiration ($30):

  • Imagine: A small sprout growing.
  • Impact: Develop new educational content, fountains of inspiration.

Blossoming Educational Centers ($50):

  • Imagine: A garden in full bloom, alive with activities.
  • Impact: Support permaculture educational centers, vibrant learning spaces.

Contributing is easy and meaningful. Follow these steps to offer your support:

Option 1: Donate via Donorbox Plugin on this Page

  1. Locate the Donorbox Section: Scroll down on this page to find the dedicated Donorbox plugin section.
  2. Choose the Donation Intervals: One-Time on Monthly.
  3. Select Donation Amount: Choose your preferred donation amount and proceed to fill in your payment details securely.
  4. Choose Your Payment Method: Opt for your preferred payment method within the Donorbox plugin—PayPal, credit card or other supported options.
  5. Choose if to cover all transaction fees, if make donation anonymous and if donation is on behalf of a company.
  6. Confirm and Complete: Review your donation details, confirm, and complete the process.
  7. Receive Donation Confirmation: Expect a prompt confirmation of your donation, including a receipt sent to your email.

Option 2: Donate via Mail with a Check

  1. Prepare Your Check: Write a check payable to our organization.
  2. Include Necessary Details: Ensure you include necessary details on the check, such as your name and contact information.
  3. Mail Your Check: Mail your check to our designated address for donations: World Permaculture Association, via Barlaam da Seminara n. 22, 88100 catanzaro, Italy
  4. Receive Acknowledgment: Upon receipt, we’ll acknowledge your donation and send a confirmation.

Thank you for choosing the path that resonates with you.

Your contribution, regardless of the method, plays a vital role in nurturing our green initiatives.

Together, let’s cultivate a sustainable future!