How to Become A WPA Sponsor?

Direct traffic to your site and branding effect

If you would like to be placed on a waiting list, the World Permaculture Association is offering new space on a first come, first serve basis as existing sponsor have their terms expire if they choose not to renew.

We are making room for a limited number of sponsor, displaying only few banners on our right margin.

How to Become a WPA Sponsor?

We are not in the advertising business!

The World Permaculture Association is dedicated to collaborating with a network of food producers, governments and community leaders to build local economies through the development of sustainable food and energy systems all over the world:

  • By teaching sustainable agricultural practices and renewable energy;
  • Empowering and educating permaculture enthusiasts;
  • Aiding in permaculture and environmental regeneration projects specifically designed to support future generations of life on earth.

The World Permaculture Association is charging a flat fee per month.

To Apply as a Sponsor…

1.  Send the page you want your banner to link to and a copy of the banner (700x700px) you plan to use just using our contact form.

2.  The World Permaculture Association staff will decide on acceptance of you as a new Sponsor.

3. Once you are accepted (3 days) we will notify you and let you know where to send payments to via PayPal.

4.  With in 24 hours of receipt of your funds and your ad banner we will begin running your ads for the agreed upon term.

The World Permaculture Association can not guarantee any traffic volume because it depends on many factor not under the World Permaculture Association direct control.