We Believe in Abundance!

Welcome to the World Permaculture Association (WPA), a global nexus for permaculture enthusiasts, experts, and activists.

Our mission is to foster a sustainable future through the principles of permaculture, connecting individuals across the globe in a shared quest for ecological harmony.

Our Vision: A Forest Garden in Every Heart!

At WPA, we envision a world where communities thrive in harmony with nature, utilizing permaculture principles to create sustainable, resilient, and regenerative ecosystems.

We believe in a future where environmental stewardship and sustainable living are not just concepts, but a way of life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower individuals and communities to adopt permaculture practices.

We aim to be a leading resource for permaculture knowledge, providing a platform for learning, sharing, and collaboration.

Our Journey

Founded by a group of passionate permaculture advocates, WPA has grown into a diverse community of practitioners, educators, and volunteers.

From humble beginnings, our association has expanded its reach, impacting lives and landscapes around the world.

Image depicting the concept of permaculture with a balanced and sustainable ecosystem, featuring a diversity of plants, trees, water systems, and wildlife, exemplifying sustainable living and ecological harmony.

Our Manifesto, Our Pledge

We are The World Permaculture Association!

We unite as a collaborative network comprising permaculture and agroecological experts, driven by a shared commitment to reshaping the unsustainable triad of social, economic, and ecological systems perpetuated by corporate capitalism.

This system has led to the widespread degradation of vital resources—land, water, and air—by disrupting nature’s inherent design on a global scale.

Our mission is to educate and empower individuals and communities through training, knowledge dissemination, and collaborative funding.

We advocate for the implementation of permaculture and allied agroecological practices, grounded in the wisdom of Nature’s Design.

By doing so, we aim to restore agency to the people at large, revitalizing our shared home beyond its former glory.

Our vision encompasses the provision of nutrient-rich, chemical-free sustainable food supplies, promoting robust health and prosperity while preserving the delicate balance of our planet.

This commitment extends to fostering clean land, water, and air, as well as developing alternative energy and economic systems that benefit all life on earth.

We firmly believe that a global network of self-sufficient local regenerative enterprises, committed to equitable labor practices and fair exchange, is the key to a sustainable future.

This approach is our collective response to avert the collapse of our current way of life and the impending extinction of life on earth.

Join us as we strive for a world where interconnected, regenerative communities form the foundation of a sustainable, harmonious existence for all.

Vibrant permaculture scene with people of various ages and backgrounds engaging in sustainable gardening, illustrating a thriving ecosystem with diverse plants, trees, and wildlife, showcasing community cooperation in permaculture activities.

Our Ethics: We Believe in Abundance!

Care for the Earth

This ethic emphasizes the importance of nurturing and preserving the natural environment, recognizing that the Earth is the source of all life.

It involves practices that ensure the sustainability and health of ecosystems, soil, water, and biodiversity.

Care for People

This ethic focuses on supporting and helping people to access the resources they need for their existence.

It encourages the creation of environments and communities that are supportive and beneficial for people, promoting social justice, community responsibility, and the well-being of individuals.

Fair Share (or Return of Surplus to Earth and People)

This ethic is about limiting consumption and redistributing surplus resources to benefit the Earth and its inhabitants.

It promotes a sustainable approach to resource use, advocating for equitable distribution, reducing waste, and contributing surplus time, money, and materials to achieve the goals of the first two ethics.

Our Financial Ecosystem

The World Permaculture Association sustains itself through a diverse financial ecosystem supported by grants, donations from various entities, and corporate partnerships.

Key components include memberships offering exclusive resources, educational programs and workshops that generate revenue, consulting services for implementing permaculture principles, collaborative ventures for sustainable initiatives, merchandise sales, and financially beneficial events and conferences.

Additionally, the Association capitalizes on its online presence through content monetization, further supporting its mission. Learn More

Our Founders

The image features Giuseppe Tallarico in an outdoor setting that suggests involvement in agricultural or permaculture activities. He is kneeling on the ground, engaged in examining the soil around him. His attire is casual and suitable for outdoor work, implying a hands-on approach to farming. The environment is open, with natural lighting.

Giuseppe Tallarico, the heart behind the World Permaculture Association, is a steward of the earth whose roots lie deep within the nutrient-rich soils of Italy.

Co-Founder, Giuseppe is a holder of a prestigious degree in Agricultural Science, which underpins his innovative approach to permaculture.

His evolution from a young boy fascinated by the interplay of natural elements in his family’s urban farm to an acclaimed expert in ecological restoration is a journey of passion and dedication.

Under Giuseppe’s leadership, the Association has flourished, pioneering permaculture designs that intertwine the age-old wisdom of traditional agriculture with cutting-edge ecological practices.

His mission is to heal the planet’s landscapes, cultivating an environment where both nature and humanity can thrive in a symbiotic and sustainable dance.

Connect with Giuseppe Tallarico on his website

Riccardo Tucci is the visionary Co-Founder of the World Permaculture Association.

With his rich upbringing amidst the biodiversity of North Italy and a robust degree in Agricultural Science, Riccardo’s life work has been to bridge the gap between people and the land they inhabit.

His educational initiatives embody his belief that knowledge of sustainable agriculture is a fundamental right and the cornerstone of a resilient society.

Riccardo’s infectious enthusiasm and profound understanding of permaculture principles have nurtured a global network of individuals committed to cultivating sustainable futures in their own backyards.

His educational programs have empowered professionals, communities, and institutions to implement permaculture solutions that are as locally actionable as they are globally inspirational.

Giuseppe and Riccardo, through their shared vision and scholarly expertise, have cultivated the World Permaculture Association into a fertile ground for ecological innovation and sustainable development.

Their legacy is sown in the thriving projects and educated minds that span the globe, heralding a future where humanity lives in a regenerative partnership with the Earth.

Depiction of the process of adopting biodynamic farming methods, showing farmers engaging in educational activities, preparing biodynamic substances, and collaborating within a supportive community.

What We Do

Education and Workshops: A Harvest of Knowledge

Delve into the rich soil of permaculture with our diverse educational programs.

Our workshops and courses, available both online and in-person, are more than just learning experiences.

They are a golden harvest of knowledge, nurturing understanding in sustainable farming practices and ecological design.

These educational ventures are crucial streams of revenue for us, sowing the seeds of wisdom and financial support.

Community Building: Growing a Global Network

We are dedicated to fostering a thriving global community of permaculture enthusiasts.

Our efforts in building connections encourage the exchange of ideas and collaborative innovation, strengthening the roots of our shared vision for a sustainable future.

Sustainability Projects: Practical Permaculture in Action

Our commitment extends beyond theory.

We actively initiate and engage in sustainability projects that demonstrate the real-world application of permaculture principles.

These projects serve as living examples of ecological harmony and contribute to our mission’s financial stability.

Research and Innovation: Pioneering Green Solutions

We are at the forefront of exploring new avenues for permaculture application.

Our research efforts delve into innovative methods to address environmental challenges, reinforcing our role as pioneers in sustainable living.

Advocacy and Awareness: Amplifying the Permaculture Voice

As advocates for ecological balance, we raise awareness about the critical role of permaculture in solving environmental and social issues.

Our advocacy extends to influencing sustainable practices and policies, ensuring our message resonates far and wide.

Grants and Donations: Nurturing Our Growth

Our organization thrives on the generosity of visionaries – individuals, corporations, and government agencies who recognize the value of our mission.

These donations are the lifeblood of our association, sowing the seeds for a greener future.

Membership and Subscriptions: Join Our Eco-Community

Step into our vibrant permaculture community by becoming a member.

Your subscription not only unlocks a world of exclusive content and events but also supports our sustainable initiatives.

Consulting and Services: From Vision to Verdant Reality

We offer expert consulting services, transforming visions into sustainable realities.

Our expertise in site assessments and design consultations is a valuable source of income, helping businesses and communities integrate permaculture into their projects.

Collaborations and Partnerships: Uniting for a Greener Tomorrow

Our partnerships extend across various sectors, creating a synergy of sustainability.

These collaborations are fertile grounds for joint initiatives and funding opportunities, amplifying our impact in the world of permaculture.

Merchandising: Symbols of Sustainability

Our merchandise embodies the principles of permaculture, contributing to our financial streams.

Each branded product, book, and educational material carries the essence of our sustainable legacy, offering a tangible way to support our cause.

Events and Conferences: Where Ideas Bloom

Our events and conferences are more than gatherings; they are opportunities to cultivate participation and attract sponsors.

These gatherings elevate our visibility and ensure that our message of sustainability reaches a wider audience.

Online Presence and Content Monetization: Digital Roots of Education

In the digital landscape, we educate and monetize our content.

Our online courses and webinars are not just enlightening; they are also revenue-generating streams, spreading our message and supporting our mission in the virtual world.

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