The Woodchip Handbook

Woodchip, an abundant and sustainable resource, has untapped potential in regenerative agriculture and horticulture.

The Woodchip Handbook by Ben Raskin, an authority in horticulture and agroforestry, is the first comprehensive guide dedicated to the innovative use of woodchip across various scales of growing and landscaping.

Unlocking Woodchip’s Potential

Raskin combines practical experience with global research to showcase woodchip’s versatility:

  • Natural Mulch: Discover woodchip’s benefits in weed control, moisture retention, and temperature regulation.
  • Growing Medium: Learn how woodchip can support plant propagation.
  • Greenhouse Warmth: Use decomposing woodchip to naturally heat your greenhouse or hoop house.
  • Compost Magic: Enhance your compost with woodchip to nourish beneficial fungi and microorganisms.
  • Soil Health Booster: Small-sized ramial chipped wood can dramatically improve soil health.
  • Mushroom Substrate: Explore woodchip as a growth medium for edible and medicinal mushrooms.
  • Landscaping Material: Utilize woodchip for sustainable footpaths and decorative gardening.

Blending Tradition with Innovation

While some uses of woodchip, like mulching, are timeless, Raskin introduces groundbreaking findings.

For instance, he discusses how salicylic acid from willow woodchip can boost tree and livestock health.

For Every Grower and Gardener

Whether you’re managing a commercial farm, practicing permaculture, or cultivating a home garden, The Woodchip Handbook is a treasure trove of insights. It demonstrates how to harness woodchip’s full potential for a sustainable and thriving growing environment.

Embrace the revolution in sustainable growing. Let The Woodchip Handbook guide you in transforming your practices with woodchip, making your soils richer and your plants more vibrant.

Author: Ben Raskin

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781645020486

Pages: 224

Country: UK  

Language: English  

Dimension: 6 x 9inch