Wildcrafted Fermentation

Sandor Katz admires it. Featured as one of the “7 Best Fermentation Books of 2020” by The Independent, “Wildcrafted Fermentation” is a culinary revelation. Pascal Baudar takes you into the world of lacto-fermentation.

A Journey into Lacto-Fermentation

Discover the ancient art of preserving food. Baudar uses nature’s offerings: plants, salt, and lactic acid bacteria. It’s easy, safe, and delicious.

Ferment with Flair

Baudar shares over 100 plant-based recipes. Learn to make wild krauts, kimchis, and more.

Step-by-step photos guide you from foraging to fermenting.

From Garden to Jar

Whether it’s wild plants or garden bounty, Baudar has you covered. His recipes will transform your relationship with the edible landscape.

More Than a Cookbook

This book is an invitation to reconnect with nature. It’s about crafting a unique cuisine from your local terroir. It’s a guide to rewilding your palate.

Dive into “Wildcrafted Fermentation.” Let Pascal Baudar inspire your culinary creations. Begin your fermentation journey and craft a cuisine that’s uniquely yours.

Author: Pascal Baudar

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603588515

Country: UK  

Pages: 304

Language: English  

Dimension: 7 x 10 inch