Vetiver: The Green Sentinel Against Water Pollution and Beyond

Vetiver is a native perennial grass from India, belonging to the Poaceae subfamily.

This grass is known to grow up to 3 meters in height, with roots that can go as deep as two to five meters in the ground, although these figures are under optimal conditions.

It’s worth noting that results may vary in clay soils.

Vetiver and Water Purification

Continuing my series on water purification, I want to emphasize that Vetiver has multiple uses.

Beyond being a water purification system, it stabilizes soil, prevents erosion, provides essential oils for cosmetics and aromatherapy, has medicinal properties for skin treatment, blocks rainwater runoff, acts as a natural insect repellent, provides animal feed, and lends itself to soil remediation.

Furthermore, Vetiver can be used as an excellent windbreak, to reduce wildfires, as high-quality mulch, and as biomass for energy production.

Case Study of Golgohar Mining Site

This experimental study aimed to assess the effectiveness of Vetiver in absorbing contaminants from two water samples.

Vetiver was planted in a hydroponic system to purify water from two different sources.

The results indicated that all five elements considered were distributed more in the shoots than in the roots of Vetiver, with significant removal efficiencies.

The Results!

Elements like Na, K, and Ca were distributed more in the shoots, with removal efficiencies of up to 70.9%, 59.1%, and 58.4%, respectively.

The study showed notable treatment efficiencies for total hardness, TDS, and EC of water samples.

My Personal Phytodepuration System

I have personally used both Bamboo and Vetiver.

However, this year my experience with Vetiver plants wasn’t as successful, and I lost quite a few plants.

Despite this, I remain committed to using Vetiver because I believe in this system!

We need to recycle and reuse our greywater, making better sustainable choices for our natural resources and water supplies.

Call to Action: Water Freedom System

As we navigate the challenges of water pollution, consider embracing sustainable solutions like the Water Freedom System.

Join the movement towards water independence, recycling greywater, and making eco-conscious choices.

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