The Worm Farmer’s Handbook

Hailed as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice Reviews, “The Worm Farmer’s Handbook” is a revelation in sustainable waste management.

Rhonda Sherman unlocks the secrets to turning everyday waste into vermicast, a highly valuable organic fertilizer.

The Riches of Vermicast

Vermicast sells for over $400 per cubic yard, dwarfing the price of regular compost.

This fact alone is sparking interest globally, making vermicomposting a lucrative venture.

Sustainable Waste Solution

Vermicomposting isn’t just profitable; it’s a boon for the environment. It boosts crop yields, reduces the need for chemical inputs, and enhances soil health. Schools, businesses, and farms are all joining in.

Comprehensive Vermicomposting Knowledge

Sherman, with twenty-five years of experience, covers everything:

  • Selecting the right system.
  • Business and marketing strategies.
  • Managing organic feedstocks.
  • The science of pre-composting.
  • Maintaining and harvesting vermicast.
  • Finding markets for products and worms.

Real-World Success Stories

Profiles of successful worm farmers from around the world highlight diverse and effective approaches. From New Zealand to Europe, learn from those leading the charge.

For Everyone from Farmers to Businesses

Whether you’re managing a large farm, running a restaurant, or overseeing waste at a university, this handbook is for you. It’s the definitive guide to large-scale vermicomposting.

“The Worm Farmer’s Handbook” is your guide to a greener future. Turn organic waste into vermicast and join the movement towards sustainable waste management. Begin your vermicomposting journey now.

Author: Rhonda Sherman

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603587792

Country: UK  

Pages: 256

Language: English  

Dimension: 7 x 10 inch