Trees of Power

“Trees of Power” presents a compelling call to action. Trees are crucial for healing our planet. Akiva Silver shares his wealth of knowledge on how to grow with trees.

Trees: Earth’s Mighty Allies

This guide dives into the significance of trees. They improve soil, enhance biodiversity, and help tackle climate change. Silver illustrates how we can actively partner with trees for mutual benefit.

Practical Wisdom for Growers

The book splits into two parts. The first covers essential horticultural skills. The second delves into detailed profiles of ten vital trees. Learn to propagate trees through seeds, grafting, and more.

Focus on Ten Essential Trees

Silver spotlights ten trees with profound impacts:

  • Chestnut and Apples for food.
  • Poplar and Ash for habitat.
  • Mulberry and Elderberry for giving.
  • And more, each with unique benefits.

A Guide for All

“Trees of Power” suits anyone drawn to trees. Whether you’re a survivalist, gardener, or environmentalist, this book is for you. It inspires a new generation of tree stewards.

Leaves a Lasting Legacy

Silver not only shares how to grow trees but also why we should. The book aims to foster a lasting bond between humans and trees. It’s an investment in our collective future.

Embrace the call of “Trees of Power.” Join Akiva Silver in growing trees for healing the world. Let’s leave a green legacy for generations to come.

Author: Akiva Silver

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603588416

Country: UK  

Pages: 288

Language: English  

Dimension: 6 x 9 inch