“Fibershed” by Rebecca Burgess brings a groundbreaking perspective to the clothes we wear.

It links our outfits to their environmental, labor, and health impacts. Burgess inspires us to think deeply about our clothing’s roots.

From Farm to Closet

Burgess embarked on a local textile economy project in North Central California. She found a wealth of materials for a sustainable textile system right in her backyard.

“Fibershed” shows how this system can fight climate change and restore soil.

The Essence of Our Wardrobe

This book explores using wool, cotton, hemp, and flax in agriculture that heals our planet. It opens our eyes to the milling and technology we need for local textile production.

A New Textile Economy

Burgess envisions a textile world based on fairness and soil-health practices. “Fibershed” outlines how to create clothing supply chains that are kind to our earth and its people.

For Everyone Who Wears Clothes

Whether you’re a farmer, weaver, or fashion lover, this book is for you. It challenges the harmful norms of textile production, offering a healthier path forward.

Be the Change

“Fibershed” isn’t just a book; it’s a movement. It calls on everyone from soil activists to slow-fashion fans. Burgess invites us to reshape the textile industry for the better.

Dive into “Fibershed.” Let Rebecca Burgess guide you to a world where fashion is sustainable and our clothes are in harmony with the earth.

Author: Rebecca Burgess

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing UK

ISBN: 9781603586634

Pages: 288  

Language: English  

Country: UK  

Dimension: 7 x 10 inch