Raising Resilient Bees

Praised by the American Bee Journal, “Raising Resilient Bees” takes you on a fascinating journey.

It rethinks beekeeping for the better. Eric and Joy McEwen share their two decades of insights. They offer sustainable, natural bee care.

A New Model for Hive Health

This guide is for every beekeeper. It provides a model for hive health and productivity. Over 100 photos and illustrations enrich it.

Facing Global Challenges

Today’s bees face global threats. Mortality rates are high. This book offers solutions. It focuses on resilient, genetically diverse bees.

Groundbreaking Methods

Learn innovative queen-rearing and varroa mite management. Discover Natural Nest hive design. The McEwens share practical, evidence-based advice.

Sustainable Beekeeping Practices

This book is a blueprint for sustainable beekeeping. It guides you in rearing resilient bees. It helps create a healthier future for bees.

A Comprehensive Resource

From pest management to business advice, it covers it all. Organic and biodynamic beekeepers will find it invaluable. It’s timely and important.

“Raising Resilient Bees” is essential for beekeepers. It offers creative solutions for modern challenges. Dive into sustainable beekeeping. Make a difference for the bees and our planet.

Author: Eric McEwen, Joy McEwen

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781645021940

Country: UK  

Pages: 272

Language: English  

Dimension: 7 x 10 inch