John Evans grows giant veggies so big that he won a number of times the Guinness of World Records.

What is his secret?

John claims his secret is all in the soil!

He uses Compost Tea to deliver high nutritional value to the soil while reducing the amount of compost to be used.

With Compost Tea, all the microorganisms in the soil are stimulated to such a high point that they give the plant the maximum food for its production.

And more food for the soil means bigger, tastier, healthier veggies.

Healthy plants resist bugs and slugs from eating them.

Plants that don’t have to spend energy fighting off pests and diseases can focus all their resources on growing bigger.

And Compost Tea causes a bio-film that protects the plant from diseases and insects.  

So if you maximize the soil’s potential, it will maximize the plant’s potential.  

Applying Compost Tea is a simple way to grow food in your Permaculture Organic Garden.

Anyone can do it, once you learn how.

At The Urban Permaculture Laboratory, we tested what John suggests and the results can be seen in the photo above!

The Secret is in the Compost Tea.

Enjoy the video and be sure to share it to inspire your friends and family to grow their own GIANT veggies.

I have a friend who wants to share this delicious recipe with our community that includes…. Yes, you guessed it Pumpkins!

Fresh Whole Wheat Sage Spaghetti with Creamy Pumpkin Sauce and Crispy Presunto

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