Flower Farming for Profit

Celebrated by Country Living as a “Best Book for Budding Farmers,” “Flower Farming for Profit” by Lennie Larkin stands as an essential tome for anyone looking to navigate the verdant yet challenging world of cut flower farming.

Praised by Erin Benzakein of Floret Farm for its grounded, practical approach to the business side of farming, this book fills a critical gap in agricultural literature, focusing on profitability and sustainability in the cut flower industry.

From Blooms to Business Mastery

When Lennie Larkin embarked on her flower farming journey, she quickly realized the gap between growing flowers and cultivating a profitable business. “Flower Farming for Profit” is her comprehensive answer to this gap, providing a roadmap to financial success for flower farmers at any scale.

Through her own experiences and insights from successful farms worldwide, Larkin offers invaluable advice on everything from efficient systems and pricing strategies to scaling up and financial sustainability.

Inside the Petal-Packed Pages

“Flower Farming for Profit” is rich with guidance on various aspects of the cut flower business, including:

  • Navigating wholesale and retail sales channels, from farm stands to florists
  • Streamlining weddings for farmer-florists, covering communication and design
  • Key tips for effective recordkeeping and bookkeeping
  • Conducting cost-of-production analyses for informed pricing
  • Marketing, growth strategies, and business planning for long-term success
  • Crop planning tailored to local conditions and market demands

A Guide for Budding and Blossoming Farmers Alike

With the cut flower industry blooming, Larkin emphasizes the importance of stepping back from the fields to focus on the numbers that drive a successful business.

“Flower Farming for Profit” is not just a guide but a mentor in book form, equipping farmers with the tools needed to flourish in the competitive, yet rewarding world of sustainable flower farming.

Your Blueprint to Floral and Financial Flourishing

Whether you’re a novice gardener dreaming of turning your passion into profit or an experienced farmer looking to refine your business model, “Flower Farming for Profit” is your gateway to transforming love for flowers into a lucrative and lasting enterprise.

Larkin’s clear, no-nonsense approach to the financial aspects of farming offers a fresh perspective in a field often romanticized, guiding readers toward creating a sustainable, profitable cut flower farm.

Embark on your flower farming journey with “Flower Farming for Profit.” Let Lennie Larkin guide you through the less glamorous, yet crucial aspects of farming, ensuring your passion for flowers blooms into a successful business venture.

Author: Lennie Larkin

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781645021766

Pages: 288 

Country: UK  

Language: English  

Dimension: 8 x 10 inch