Transforming Jordan’s Arid Landscape: A Permaculture Success Story

In the heart of the Middle East, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan embarked on a groundbreaking journey towards sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship.

Faced with the challenges of water scarcity, soil degradation, and the adverse effects of climate change, Jordan sought innovative solutions to revitalize its agricultural sector and improve the livelihoods of its farming communities.

The solution came in the form of permaculture, a holistic approach to land management that mimics the patterns and relationships found in nature.

The Permaculture Consultancy

The consultancy, led by a dedicated team from the Giuseppe Tallarico Professional Agriculture Office, was tasked with designing two pilot permaculture sites in the Jordan Valley.

This initiative, part of a project by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation of Jordan, aimed to demonstrate how permaculture methods could address Jordan’s pressing environmental and agricultural issues.

Addressing Environmental Challenges

Jordan faces significant environmental challenges, including declining soil and water quality, dwindling water supplies, high energy demand, and low economic returns for farmers.

The impact of climate change exacerbates these issues, placing a heavy burden on the country’s most marginal farmers.

The permaculture designs proposed sought to improve these conditions by implementing sustainable practices that enhance biodiversity, conserve water, and reduce energy consumption.

The Permaculture Designs

The permaculture designs focused on sustainable use of resources, integrating soil, water, energy, plants, animals, and other biological components into a cohesive system.

This approach emphasizes the importance of context-specific agricultural patterns and practices, aiming to achieve a balance between human needs and ecological health.

The designs incorporated water conservation techniques, renewable energy sources, and diversified approaches to build resilience against climate change and improve farm productivity.

Outcomes and Impact

The outcomes of the permaculture project in Jordan have been promising, demonstrating the potential for permaculture to transform agricultural practices and enhance the livelihoods of farmers in the Jordan Valley.

By adopting permaculture-based approaches, farmers have found effective solutions to their most pressing problems, leading to improved soil health, more reliable water supplies, and increased economic returns.

The project serves as a testament to the mutual benefits of enhancing human health and environmental sustainability through integrated design and management.


The success of the permaculture designs in Jordan highlights the critical role of sustainable agriculture in addressing global environmental challenges.

By embracing permaculture principles, Jordan has taken a significant step towards a healthier planet and a more sustainable future for its people.

This project not only offers a blueprint for other water-scarce regions but also stands as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that even in the face of adversity, innovative solutions can lead to positive change.

The journey of transforming Jordan’s arid landscape into a thriving, sustainable agricultural area is just beginning.

As more communities and governments recognize the value of permaculture, the potential for global environmental restoration and agricultural revitalization grows ever stronger.

Giuseppe Tallarico

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