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Charles Mugarura CEO Broadfield Enterprises Uganda Permaculture Group: A youth representative of Global Citizen, a social enterprise operating on pillars of permaculture, and implementing permaculture across boarders in Africa. He wants to thank everyone who is making a change in favor of Nature! He believes that there is a chance to live in a FREE WORLD! A world without poverty or oppression of food security, with no war, with no damaged soil, with no lack of resources for continuation of knowledge. That would be the biggest goal we can ever achieve.“ I believe in Permaculture: Every problem is a solution”

Charles Mugarura

He started permaculture at the age of 16 years old and is currently 26 years old. His courageous goal of engaging Uganda Ministry of Education to consider permaculture for primary schools to reduce the school drop out rate estimated at 70,000 children countrywide. The main reason drop out rates are so high are because of lack of food from home and at school. Currently, under the initiative, Charles is trying to develop permaculture primary model schools. They are rehabilitating Sabina food and water permaculture projects where they hold PDCs and other training to make it possible to scale permaculture in different communities. In addition, his long-term dream is to build the first school of permaculture in Uganda to foster permaculture professionalism for Uganda and Africa!

The Solution

I believe as well that Permaculture is the solution for soil degradation, poverty, lack of food supply for the whole population, the knowledge crisis, and even war! The designs, patterns, relationships that work together within a sustainable natural ecology is the solution for Uganda and The World.

Permaculture is the Solution

Geoff Lawton’s Video on the Ultimate Goal, He says it all! Permaculture is more than just soil and agriculture. Permaculture is a movement of Sustainable Permanent Culture. Bringing local, nutrient-rich food to every neighborhood will make a stable local economy in addition to the nutrient-rich food. Also, lowering the waste of food, decrease the cost, the time and the resources in the transportation of food. Permaculture encourages the culture of people working together as a community. We should trade knowledge and products to become a sustainable working environment for everyone.

The Solution for Knowledge: Permaculture Design Course

BEU Permaculture Group & Sabina Permaculture Food and Water Security Project-Kyotera District Uganda will be holding a Permaculture Design Course on December 10th through the 23rd. The course will be for school teachers, NGO staff members, farmers, and individuals. The primary instructors will be Mugarura Charles – BEU- Permaculture Group,   Laura Maier – Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar, Sheena Shah – Kenya and, Racheal Corda Asio -Arego – Agro-Organic Foods. The course is the foundational Permaculture course originally developed by Permaculture founder Bill Mollison. The systemic approach of the Permaculture design process extends beyond the field. Every home and garden also involves the solution to the community and economic aspects.


The investment of the Permaculture Design Course is $500. Included in the five hundred dollars investment are all the training, accommodation, meals, and resources for two weeks. If you’re interested in attending, please book in advance to avoid disappointments since there is a set limit of the number of participants  (charles@broadfieldpermaculture.co.uk or mugaruracharles916@gmail.com ) the application form here.

If you’re not able to attend, but you still want to help. We are looking for donations to help the less fortunate in Uganda to be able to participate.

Invest In The Solution

We are looking for funding to send ten local Uganda farmers, fifteen Young Pro-Active Environmental Professionals, as well as help support the financial needs of meals, accommodation, transportation and teaching resources. 

The Tipping Point

Geoff Lawton discusses reaching Our Tipping Point, the more people that we can spread the knowledge of Permaculture to, then each of those people will spread Permaculture we are that much closer to our tipping point. When our movement becomes the way, things are done. I believe we can hit Our tipping point.
I Believe in Permaculture: Every problem is a solution! Hit the Donate Button If You Believe that Permaculture is the Solution & You Want To Be Apart of the Solution for Uganda!

Mugarura Charles “Permaculture offers what is scientifically, morally required and culturally desirable.”

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Alinka Porebska

I am looking to connect with someone in Uganda who may provide permaculture training to a community of people or couple members of the community, whichever is possible. Please let me know what may be possible.
Thank you

    Ansima CHASINGA Rolande

    I am a permaculture teacher and permayouth mentor, in Ugandan refugee camps and host communities, I do offer permaculture sessions to youth, parents, foster cares and soon to children at nursery and primary school, I have rough many people and I’m sure I will be a perfect choice for you

    Yours rolande
    +256794681381 watssap


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