The Solar House

Dan Chiras’ “The Solar House” is a crucial guide for architects, builders, and homeowners looking to embrace the sun’s power for natural heating and cooling.

Building upon the legacy of “The Natural House,” Chiras demystifies modern passive solar techniques for a new era of solar enthusiasts.

The Principles of Natural Conditioning

Discover how passive solar heating and cooling can maintain comfort through the seasons, dramatically reducing the need for fossil fuels. This book revisits time-honored strategies and updates them for today’s construction standards.

Lessons from the Past and Present

Chiras examines both the successes and missteps of past solar homes. He offers insights into avoiding common pitfalls, ensuring that solar designs are both effective and aesthetically pleasing.

Building for Efficiency and Comfort

Learn how advancements in insulation, glazing, and building materials make passive solar homes more achievable than ever.

Chiras outlines how to optimize thermal mass, daylighting, and ventilation for any climate.

Beyond Energy Savings

With modern construction sometimes leading to air quality issues, Chiras also explores solutions for maintaining healthy indoor environments. Ventilation and air filtering techniques are discussed alongside solar strategies.

DIY Solar Design

“The Solar House” introduces tools that help readers design their own passive solar homes.

Whether through worksheets or software, Chiras empowers you to apply these principles to your building projects.

“The Solar House” invites you to rethink how homes are designed and built. Dive into the world of passive solar design with Dan Chiras and transform the way you think about comfort, energy efficiency, and architectural beauty.

Author: Daniel D. Chiras

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781931498128

Country: UK  

Pages: 286

Language: English  

Dimension: 8 x 10 inch