How to Find Free Pallets Near You

Best Places to Get Free Pallets

A business dealing with inventory most likely has pallets.

If you are looking for pallets, there are some places you can begin looking for.

Some of them are local businesses like:

  • Construction sites and builders
  • Hardware stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • Small garden shops
  • Pet stores
  • Newspaper companies
  • Grocery stores
  • Equipment stores

If you choose to get used wood pallets from a grocery store, make sure you inspect the pallets to see if there are any stains or spills.

With time, spots with stains can start to develop molds.

There was a study done by the National Consumers League in 2010 that found that 10% of pallets that were used to carry food produce harbored E. coli bacteria.

There hasn’t been any update on this study published, but be careful when using such pallets.

Becoming Your Own Pickup Service

If a small business is looking to get rid of its pallets and you are looking for pallets, that works for both parties.

You help a small business clean up waste and you end up with free pallets. 

If there is a local place that is getting rid of pallets regularly, let them know you can do it for them.

If they are paying a service to do it for them, you can offer to do it for free because you want to use the pallets for your DIY projects.

If you end up with more than you need, you can give them to someone who needs them.

You can also dump the extra.

This is a great relationship that benefits both of you.

They can reach out to you when they have other types of waste that you can use for your home projects.

Seeking Out Distribution Center

If the business cannot give you the pallets, you can reach out to the distribution center shipping them out and work directly with them. 

They may have many that are slightly broken, don’t work with their machines, or don’t meet their standards.

Find out if they can put those aside for you to pick them up.

Another place to look is pallet recycling companies.

You can get the pallets for a small fee or even for free.

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