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The New Organic Grower, 3rd Edition

The New York Times Book Review notes its enduring relevance. “The New Organic Grower,” by pioneering organic farmer Eliot Coleman, has inspired the agricultural community since 1989.

This 30th Anniversary Edition, now fully illustrated and updated, continues to serve as an indispensable resource in the organic movement’s library.

A Legacy of Sustainable Agriculture

Eliot Coleman’s innovative methods and deep respect for nature have influenced countless organic farmers.

This seminal work, reflecting Coleman’s wisdom and decades of experience, has been enriched with new insights and practices developed over thirty-five years.

For Every Modern Grower

Whether you’re managing a small-scale market garden or cultivating a serious home garden, this book proves that living and prospering close to the land is achievable.

It’s particularly valuable for young farmers and gardeners aiming to expand.

What’s New in This Edition?

  • Stunning color photographs by Barbara Damrosch, offering visual inspiration.
  • Updated practices reflecting Coleman’s continual agricultural experiments.
  • Insights on integrating flowers into the farm ecosystem.
  • Innovations in farming tools designed by Eliot Coleman.

A Source of Inspiration

Chef Dan Barber calls it a revelation, akin to discovering the Bible of organic farming. “The New Organic Grower” not only imparts practical farming knowledge but also instills a profound appreciation for sustainable agricultural practices.

“The New Organic Grower, 30th Anniversary Edition” is more than a book; it’s a tribute to sustainable farming. Eliot Coleman’s timeless wisdom and continuous innovation make this guide essential for anyone passionate about organic farming.

Author: Eliot Coleman

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603588171

Country: UK  

Pages: 304

Language: English  

Dimension: 8 x 10 inch