On-line Communication To Scale Earth Repair Work

The Ecological Landscape Professional addresses the design dimension of the environmental, social and financial crisis, expecially the food and water security.

Permaculture and Ecological Design are systematic approaches to human settlement that are rooted in the ethics of caring for the Earth and human communities.

Starting an ecological landscape professional path, you can contribuite to the creation of a Global Regenerative Economy to support financially our communities and all our young people, with earth repair work.

Erik Ohlsen is a passionate writer, inspiring educator and experienced professional landscape designer. His goal is to help people connect deeper with nature and themselves.

As an internationally renowned, certified permaculture designer and practitioner, Erik has taught ecological landscape design and implementation since 1999, to thousands of students and clients around the world. He is driven to looking for effective ways to reach larger audiences in his mission to steward the environment.

Erik is the director of the Permaculture Skills Center, a vocational training school that offers advanced education in ecological design, landscaping, farming, and land stewardship.

He is also the founder and principal at Permaculture Artisans, a fully licensed contracting firm that specializes in the design and installation of ecological landscapes and farms throughout California.

In the field of ecological land development and management, Erik has extensive experience with projects that range from small urban lots to 100+ acre design and implementation.

He is a specialist in water harvesting systems, food forest design, community organizing, facilitation, vocational education and more.

Erik resides in Sebastopol, California with his wife Lauren, raising a family, building a homestead and running their businesses.

In this series of conversations with Erik Ohlsen, we discuss how you can align your passion for a better world, with the development of a career path that actively creates the world you envision.


Giuseppe Tallarico:

(0:00) Probably, this is a very important moment in our history, because we have tools that we never had before.

I mean, we have the possibility to use online communication, as we are doing now, and this could be a way to scale permaculture and to make it available really for everybody, for seven billions of people…

we can do now

and also, we could find a way to monetize some of the services we could provide through internet, to invest these resources to restore ecosystems.

Erik Ohlsen:

(0:46) Absolutely, and I think that there’s a life, there’s a quality of life part to this.

One of my big challenges early on, was that I had a health crisis and I was doing a lot of outward activist work, I was traveling around the world and doing a lot of civil organizing and things like that.

When I got sick, I couldn’t do that anymore and I had a big burnout experience.

I’ve had a couple burnouts over the last 20 years and one of the ways that I’ve been using online tools nowadays is that I’m teaching some online courses, and one of the benefits is that I can reach people all over the planet, just like we are doing right now, you’re in Italy, I’m in California, we’re thousands of miles apart but we’re connected.

I teach these online courses and we’re working with people all over the planet.

One of the beautiful aspects of that is that nobody’s traveling anywhere, we’re not using airplanes and cars and all that kind of stuff, we are using the energy of the internet which is significant… hopefully we’ve got solar and other ways to support that.

Since I’ve been working on doing my online programming, I’ve really been able to be closer to home, I’ve been in my children’s lives every day, I see them when they come home from school.

I’m in my homestead, I’m growing my food, I’m able to combine a good quality life with my family, with my homestead growing my food.

I’m not driving that much but I can still educate and inspire and connect with people all over the world.

You’re right, the time has changed and this is an important moment for how we scale this work.

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Giuseppe Tallarico

Giuseppe is a versatile and results-oriented Agronomist specializing in Permaculture, Food Security, and Environmental Management Systems dedicated to consulting large-scale farms through the transition to sustainable and regenerative agriculture to achieve maximum profitability naturally while creating a greener abundant earth for generations to come. Giuseppe is an Accredited Instructor by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and a permaculture consultant for the government of Jordan. Giuseppe serves the world permaculture community as the founder and General Manager of the World Permaculture Association and the head of the Urban Permaculture Laboratory Educational Center. https://www.giuseppetallarico.com