Ideas For A Modern Garden In Your UK Home

A modern garden is the best idea when considering doing something with your backyard.

However, knowing where to start and finding the right design that will have a refreshing transformation might be challenging.

Ideally, a modern garden exudes a well-structured presentation created using hard materials and clean, geometric designs.

This article has contemporary garden ideas you can use to create a modern garden in your backyard.

So, What Is A Modern Garden?

But first, it is prudent to help you understand what a modern garden is before we delve into the top ideas for creating one in your home; structure is at the core of any modern garden.

It will have notable clean lines and geometric shapes; hence, repetition is a pronounced element in the overall design. can provide you with the perfect gates that not only provide privacy but add to the aesthetic of your garden.

Also, the garden capitalizes on recurrent textures, colors, and materials.

Sometimes the design can borrow or follow your home’s architectural themes.

Of importance, the creation is incomplete if it lacks water features and natural elements.

Plants That Are A Perfect In Modern Gardens

What is a garden without plants?

It is hard to imagine one without thinking of the plant types you would want.

But how do plants fit into the contemporary garden design, which is mostly about hard materials and organic features?

We shall dispel any doubts about this subject and help you discover plants that are a perfect fit in a modern garden.


It is a drought-resistant plant, making it ideal for regions that get a lot of sun throughout the year.

Yuccas have tall stems and remarkable foliage that can make such a plant your garden’s centerpiece.



It is one of the top options if you want a plant with colorful foliage and beautiful flowers with a lovely fragrance during summer.

Go for a Hosta if you love spending your summer days in your backyard.


New Zealand Flax

It is an evergreen perennial plant with long, bushy leaves.

Some varieties have yellow or red foliage, and they can be an excellent choice if you want to add some dynamism to your modern garden.

New Zealand Flax


Nicknamed the “gold dust plant”, the aucuba has green leaves with golden spots and bears poisonous red berries.

It is a beauty that you must be careful with as you use it as a decorative piece in your contemporary garden.

The Aucuba branches spread out nicely thus the plant can be a shady spot during the summer.


Modern Garden Furniture For Relaxing

Besides creating a piece of paradise in your backyard, a modern garden can also be where you go to reconnect with nature while resting and relaxing.

You will not run short of suitable garden furniture for a contemporary setup. 

A lounge set made from hardwood can add a rustic aspect to the garden.

Treated hardwood is best because it resists the elements and the sun.

Wicker is supple and can get furniture made from this material.

Throw on a few cushions to give your wicker furniture an elated appearance. You also can go for metal furniture, and aluminum is a safe bet because it is robust, lightweight, and does not corrode.

You can polish it to give it that shine that shouts modernity.

Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

Consider the following modern garden ideas if you want to transform your backyard but ensure you have a low-maintenance creation with a lasting aesthetic appeal.

They are perfect for UK gardens for upgrading your backyard into a space where you feel at home in and out of seasons.

  • Subtle colors can inject warmth into your garden, but go easy on the color choices. Too many hues will be overpowering. Nonetheless, hues and tones complement each other, preferably of the same color. A light sand brown pairs well with a dark hardwood brown. Use wooden pallets to make an array of garden furniture.
  • Plan a few perennials to soften the rigid forms and lines in your contemporary garden. Blend them with other plants like Aucubas and Yuccas to achieve a dynamic presentation.
  • You do not have to head indoors when the sun sets, and darkness blankets the sky. Hang some LED strip lights to ensure you make the most of the summer nights.
  • Ensure nature has enough room to work its magic. You can give it a boost by adding a water feature like a pond or fountain. They give your garden some personality and bring warmth.
  • Exclude elements that make the space look haphazard. Keep to your preferred style instead of doing what everyone is doing. That is why you will create a unique modern garden.
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