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Last Monday, I introduced the founder of The World Permaculture Association, Giuseppe Tallarico. This week I have the pleasure to introduce another expert in Permaculture, Rhamis Kent. Rhamis Kent is one of our instructors for The World Permaculture Association, Permaculture Design Course. He is also part of the Jordan project with Giuseppe, extending the reach of Permaculture throughout the middle east and into two sites in Jordan.

Rhamis Kent: The Meaning Of Permaculture

What is the meaning of Permaculture? I feel this question is not usually answered straight on. However, In the video blog below, Rhamis Kent I feel he captures the true essence of the meaning of Permaculture. Through the permanence in agriculture, arrives the permanence of culture in people.

Rhamis Kent: Potential within Detroit

The evidence that Rhamis Kent shows that industrialization can’t go on with the demonstration of the failing with the city of Detroit, Michigan*(18 minutes in the video). If you live in the United States, have ever visited Michigan, you can see the build-up of Industrialization and then the fall.

“See the great potential” Rhamis Kent

Reviving Our Earth Within Our Community

When Rhamis Kent says “See The Great Potential” I feel the hope and think back to The World Permaculture Association’s Vision of

“A food garden in every heart”

I hold the hope that One day we can produce and give back to the earth more than we take. One day we will live in a regenerative and sustainable permanent culture.

In the Video Blog below, episode 10 of Rhamis Kent’s series of Reviving The Earth. Please watch the full episode, like and subscribe to the channel. Join and Participate in the World Permaculture Association Community. Please sign up to Join our monthly newsletter to follow what’s going on with the tender in Jordan. Consequently, Being a community where we support the care of people, the growth of people, is our mission.

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