I am Tricia Wilkes, the administrator of The World Permaculture Association Community. Let me take this time to introduce one of our experts at The World Permaculture Association. Our expert Giuseppe Tallarico! He’s the one that writes our blog posts and teaches our Permaculture Design Course and creates and inspires change.

Expert Community!

Being a part of this community has brought me so much knowledge and a calling to make a change in the world. Being able to work so closely with someone who not only talks about the little steps one can make to create change but someone who takes those steps inspires me to take my message further and be a better person myself. It is refreshing to have a community full of people, that are like minded, that have a place to share their message and calling. Part of Permaculture and care of people to me is having that community without judgment where everyone can share and embrace each other thoughts because we all come from a different place and different view. We ALL have something to contribute. World Permaculture Association and Giuseppe Tallarico, calls for us all individually and together as a community to make a change.

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Our Permaculture Expert: Giuseppe Tallarico

He’s a son, husband, father, and a farmer. He comes from generations before him of farmers. Giuseppe is a versatile and results-oriented Agronomist. He has undertaken a large number of positions in consulting, designing, teaching and, implementing systems for the Food and Agriculture sector. Experienced as an Auditor/ Inspector according to ISO 9001, Organic Agriculture, ISO 22005 and GLOBAL GAP. Giuseppe is the founder and General Manager of the World Permaculture Association. He runs the Urban Permaculture Laboratory Educational Center.

Additionally, he’s the Strategic Advisor for Flora, one of Europe’s largest producers of organic and biodynamic essential oils.

Consequently, He has an MSc Degree with First Class Honors in Agriculture Sciences specializing in Permaculture, Food Security and Environmental Management Systems. He’s an accredited Instructor by the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia.

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If you haven’t already, please watch my interview with Giuseppe. His worm story is so inspiring.

Posted by World Permaculture Association – WPA on Saturday, October 20, 2018

If you’re new to The World Permaculture Association Blog site, please continue to read my favorite blog post from Giuseppe on swales.

In the interview, Giuseppe goes into our moral obligation. It’s everyone’s moral obligation to stand up and make a change in chemical pesticides and their pollution. The time is now!

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