Transforming Landscapes and Minds: The Permaculture Odyssey of Giuseppe Tallarico and the Urban Permaculture Laboratory

Giuseppe Tallarico: my colleague and friend.

It’s not so often that we ‘just click’ with a working colleague, and when it does, it’s pure gold.

That’s been the case with my association with Giuseppe, who invited me to collaborate with him (and several others) on a challenging project which he had created in response to a proposal from the Jordanian government, to design two Permaculture demonstration projects in the harsh conditions of the Dead Sea Valley, some 400 metres below sea level.

Specifically, the sites were to be focused on providing shining examples for marginal farmers to increase their productivity while nurturing the land into sustainable polycultures able to meet the likelihood of increasing negative impacts of climate change.

Such a project represented not only the necessity of facing some of the hardest environmental conditions (minimal rainfall, extremely high temperatures, soil poverty resulting from those factors), but also of negotiating with very refined diplomatic sensitivity the complexity of cultural and bureaucratic differences of an unfamiliar context.

Only a person with a highly developed character and genial personality could hope to succeed.

All this in addition to the need to knit together a new team of personnel, each skilled from their own extensive experience, but also very individual in that experience and personal development.

In spite of such circumstances, Giuseppe not only succeeded heroically, but in the process nurtured such intimacy between all the parties that friendships developed to ensure professional success, but happily to guarantee ongoing relationships and no doubt growing capacity to implement many fresh projects into the future.

I feel gratefully honored to be part of that team, and to know that I have such a friend with whom I can always depend to be able to express myself in whatever circumstances (personally and vocationally), to share in his extensive professional experience and knowledge, to absolutely trust in the integrity of his word and ability.

That is a treasure.

John Button, Permaculture Pioneer

Giuseppe Tallarico: a Catalyst for Sustainable Change

In the realm of permaculture, Giuseppe Tallarico stands out not only as a practitioner but as a visionary and catalyst for transformative environmental change.

His journey, deeply rooted in permaculture philosophy, narrates a tale of resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to sustainable living.

Project Prowess: Jordanian Permaculture Initiative

Giuseppe’s prowess is exemplified in his response to a proposal from the Jordanian government.

Tasked with designing two Permaculture demonstration projects in the challenging conditions of the Dead Sea Valley, he navigated extreme environmental challenges and intricate cultural differences.

Giuseppe not only succeeded heroically but fostered lasting friendships and ensured the success and growth of future projects.

Experience the captivating lecture delivered by Dr. Giuseppe Tallarico during the XVI CONAF (National Order of Italian Agronomists) Congress, hosted in Perugia from July 5th to 8th, 2017. In this presentation, Dr. Tallarico succinctly dissects the core principles of Permaculture, underscoring its fundamental elements of sustainability and resilience on both a global and local level. He spotlights tangible applications from the World Permaculture Association’s (WPA) network of laboratories, with special attention given to the Urban Permaculture Laboratory in Catanzaro. This discourse provides an in-depth exploration of permaculture’s inventive methodologies for creating sustainable and resilient environmental solutions.

The Urban Permaculture Laboratory: A Paradigm Shift

Central to Giuseppe’s vision is the Urban Permaculture Laboratory in Catanzaro, Italy.

This groundbreaking initiative redefines urban environments as epicenters of ecological regeneration.

It goes beyond traditional agricultural innovation, showcasing how cities can evolve into sustainable ecosystems harmonizing with nature.

Giuseppe’s laboratory is a beacon of hope in the face of urbanization challenges.

Embark on a journey with John D. Liu, the visionary driving Ecosystem Restoration Communities, as he provides an exclusive testimony. Explore the triumphs and challenges encountered by the Urban Permaculture Laboratory, gaining profound insights into the transformative potential of urban permaculture and ecological restoration. Liu’s perspective serves as a window into the tangible impact of these practices, showcasing how they infuse life and sustenance into our communities.

Human civilization faces biodiversity loss, artificially elevated climate changes, population pressures, migration and the threat of war.

We are required to take effective and immediate action.

To lead at a time of great need is a duty that requires foresight, knowledge, dedication, courage, compassion and good humor.

Giuseppe Tallarico has understood and answered the call to serve.

Giuseppe brings a love of home and family, together with an understanding of global responsibility, to the task of facilitating a global regenerative movement.

John D. Liu, film-maker and ecologist, founder of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Movement

Global Recognition: Contributions and Collaborations

Giuseppe’s impact extends globally through collaborations and projects, earning him recognition from pioneers like John D. Liu.

His involvement in the World Permaculture Association (WPA) reinforces his commitment to fostering connections, disseminating knowledge, and contributing to a global movement dedicated to sustainable agriculture.

Permaculture Online: A Digital Green Revolution

Giuseppe Tallarico’s online initiatives further extend his influence.

Through platforms like,,,, and, he brings his consultation and training services and permaculture principles to a wider audience.

Website provides strategic design services and tools for land regeneration, with a focus on properties.

Giuseppe Tallarico collaborates with farmers, landowners, and organizations to create customized plans aimed at developing beautiful, thriving, and productive landscapes in alignment with each client’s business and ecological aspirations.

Additionally, assistance is offered in evaluating investment opportunities, preparing for new regulations, and achieving sustainability goals.

The consultancy extends its services to families and companies, providing support in various aspects related to land use and environmental considerations. provides specialized consulting services in Agro-Ecology, Permaculture, and Regenerative Agriculture.

These services encompass a range of activities related to sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. Some areas of expertise include:

  1. Design of Self-Sufficient Systems and Small-Scale Farms: The consulting services focus on designing self-sufficient and sustainable agricultural systems suitable for small families and communities.
  2. Investments and Economic-Financial Analysis: Professionals offer assessments and financial analyses to formulate cost-effectiveness judgments, including performance indicators in investment decisions related to Permaculture practices.
  3. Regenerative and Biodynamic Farms and Estates: The consulting assists agricultural businesses in transitioning to regenerative and biodynamic practices, contributing to improving sustainability and profitability.
  4. Development and Coordination of Short Supply Chain Production Processes: Emphasis on assistance in creating and managing short supply chain production processes, ensuring quality and certification of agricultural products up to the marketing phase.
Website provides Online Specialization Courses in Agroecology Accredited by the National Council of Agronomists and Foresters (CONAF)

Explore accredited online specialization courses in Agroecology, recognized by the National Council of Agronomists and Foresters (CONAF).

These courses are designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of Agroecology, aligning with the standards set by the professional regulatory body.

Key Features:

  1. Accreditation: The courses have received accreditation from the National Council of Agronomists and Foresters (CONAF), ensuring their compliance with industry standards.
  2. Comprehensive Curriculum: Delve into a comprehensive curriculum that covers essential aspects of Agroecology, offering a well-rounded understanding of sustainable and ecological agricultural practices.
  3. Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced and knowledgeable instructors who bring practical insights and expertise to the courses.
  4. Flexible Online Learning: Enjoy the flexibility of online learning, allowing you to balance your studies with professional commitments.
  5. Professional Development: Enhance your professional development by acquiring specialized skills and knowledge in Agroecology, contributing to your expertise as a qualified agronomist or forester.

Whether you are a seasoned professional in the field or a newcomer looking to build a career in Agroecology, these accredited online specialization courses provide a valuable opportunity to stay updated with industry standards and advancements.

Elevate your skills and contribute to the sustainable and ecologically sound practices in agronomy and forestry.

Website offers services related to company and supply chain certifications, as well as technical and regulatory assistance for professionals in the agri-food sector.

This includes support and guidance on obtaining certifications for businesses and supply chains, along with assistance in navigating technical and regulatory requirements within the agro-food industry.

Giuseppe is a very practical and realistic professional that has solutions not only for ecological farm design but also for organisational structures.

With solutions that are cost effective and his feet are always down to earth, something that is not easy to find in “experts” on permaculture, or regenerative and organic farming that tend to advise on too idealistic approaches almost impossible to implement in a professional world.

Alfonso Chico de Guzman, Large-scale Farmer, Vice President of Asociación Alvelal & Business Development Assistant at Commonland

Praise from Peers: Testimonials Speak Volumes

Colleagues and collaborators, such as John Button, acknowledge Giuseppe’s character, genial personality, and professional integrity.

His practical approach, highlighted by Alfonso Chico de Guzman, makes him a valuable asset not only in ecological farm design but also in organizational structures.

Giuseppe is a dynamic project manager who brings together a unique set of skills that makes him a great regenerative systems designer and problem solver.

I would definitely recommend Giuseppe as an asset to any organization.

Alexandra Groome, Operations Manager at nRhythm

Holistic Permaculture: Beyond Farming

Giuseppe Tallarico transcends the boundaries of conventional agriculture, embodying a holistic permaculture philosophy.

Join Giuseppe Tallarico, a renowned permaculture expert, as he presents the Urban Permaculture Laboratory to Paolo Parentela, the then Commissioner of Agriculture for the Italian Chamber of Deputies, in this enlightening video in Italian. Experience the fusion of urban sustainability and legislative insight, illustrating the application of permaculture principles in an urban environment to foster resilient and self-sustaining ecosystems. This tour offers a glimpse into how permaculture can revolutionize urban landscapes to meet environmental challenges, all captured in the beautiful Italian language.

His Urban Permaculture Laboratory becomes a vibrant educational platform, illustrating the interconnectedness of permaculture with community development, ecological economics, and sustainable living.

Giuseppe is tireless in his efforts to share the promise of regenerative agriculture to heal the world’s degraded landscapes – and to take this hopeful message to those beyond the field.

He brings great warmth to everything he does, and never forgets the human aspect: the importance of community and personal growth.

Judith D. Schwartz, Journalist and Author

A Call to Action: Giuseppe’s Narrative

Giuseppe Tallarico’s journey is more than a personal success story; it’s a call to action.

His narrative urges individuals to reflect on their roles in creating a sustainable, ecologically balanced world.

The Urban Permaculture Laboratory serves as a living testament to the transformative power of aligning human activities with the wisdom of natural systems.

Giuseppe has been encouraging and supportive of my ecological restoration work across the globe.

Through WPA Giuseppe has supplied needed resources, contacts, and consultation to develop viable solutions for restoring failing ecosystems. 

His generosity in spirit and discussion has been beneficial for all concerned.

Daniel Halsey, Southwoods & United Designers, Ecosystem Restoration Designer & Consultant

Connect with Giuseppe: Building a Greener Future Together

For inquiries and discussions on sustainable living and permaculture, connect with Giuseppe Tallarico on his website.

Let’s collectively grow a greener future under the guidance of a dynamic project manager and regenerative systems designer.

Giuseppe Tallarico is not just transforming landscapes; he’s shaping minds and inspiring a permaculture revolution that reaches far beyond geographical boundaries.

Connect with Giuseppe Talalrico on his website

I first met Giuseppe when he enrolled in a Permaculture Design Course I taught in Altamura (Puglia) during 2015. 

He immediately made an impression and his enthusiasm for the topics covered was unmistakable. 

I was pretty confident that he would do something to make an impact – and he hasn’t disappointed in that regard.

Rhamis Kent, Former Co-Director of The Permaculture Research Institute (Australia & USA), Consultant
Riccardo Tucci

As a radical agronomist dedicated exclusively to natural agriculture in all its forms. In 2018, I pioneered Regenerative Agriculture during the international event "I Maestri del Paesaggio," focusing on urban regeneration in the municipality of Bergamo. I am a co-founder of the World Permaculture Association. My educational journey began with a diploma as an Agricultural Expert from the Technical Agricultural Institute of Bergamo, followed by a degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies from the Faculty of Agriculture in Bologna. This enabled me to qualify for professional practice at ODAF Bergamo. During my studies, I developed a strong inclination towards organizing sustainable projects characterized by high resilience and naturalness. My professional career commenced in the Municipality of Urgnano (BG), where I served as a technical agronomic consultant for the Ecology office. My role involved developing relationships with private and public stakeholders, managing critical issues, and participating in design tenders. A significant collaboration was with the ARPA agency of Bergamo. Alongside my agronomic consulting, I pursued ongoing education in biodynamic agriculture, regenerative agriculture, phytodepuration, sustainable design of green spaces, and closed-cycle agricultural businesses. I have gained experience in experimental cultivation and established a permacultural research and experimentation system (Laboratory of Temperate Permaculture), among many other activities. My profile is further enhanced by technological proficiency with main computer tools, such as 3D design, and the development of a solid network of high-profile international collaborators and professional contacts. I co-designed with my colleague, Agronomist Dr. Giuseppe Tallarico, in an international tender won with the Sovereign State of Jordan. As the Technical Manager of a Laboratory at Biofactory spa (Fertil srl), a leading company in Italy for producing compost and cultivation substrates, I am responsible for Quality Analysis and Research and Development. I am the founder and president of the Gruppo Ecologico Colognese. In my role, I support agricultural companies in transitioning towards the creation of highly natural Agricultural Organisms, conducting interventions for individual farms or groups of companies.