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Hello, I am here again to introduce an expert representing the World Permaculture Association. My name is Tricia Wilkes; I am the content manager and Admin for The World Permaculture Association. On Wednesday I had the honor of introducing Charl Laing. He’s a real inspiration to stand up and start taking action on making a change to the senseless destruction of our Earth’s resources.

Facebook Live Interview with Charl Laing

If you missed our live interview watch it below. Charl tells us about his experience with Permaculture and mentions about an upcoming project of working with the Eco-warriors in Cape Town by establishing a vegetable garden using Permaculture design and principles.


The Eco-warriors are teenagers who are struggling to uplift themselves out of the Socio-economic problems they face every day. They have taken it upon themselves to create positive actions in addressing the environmental problems they observe in their community. Here you can see the initiative they have taken to start a recycling program. Keep an eye out for the Eco-warriors and the future projects of Charl Laing. His goal is to address poverty and see the ripple effect of using Permaculture improving the state of current world environmental issues.

Meet Our Expert Charl Laing

Posted by World Permaculture Association – WPA on Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Reuse, Recycle & Buy Locally

Two Steps Charl mentions that all people can initiate immediately, into improving their environment, are recycling and to buy locally.

The number one small step anyone can do today to make a big impact would be Recycling all of their wastes and to buy consciously. Think about every product you consume; what material has been used for the result and packaging, and how easy would it be to recycle? How far did the product travel? Who produced the product and were they compensated fairly? These are questions we all need to ask ourselves each time we browse through the supermarket.

Additionally, the main thing would be to buy or grow locally and especially support your local farmers. Talk to your local farmers about supporting them through the switch to Organic and Permaculture methods.

Be proactive in knowing what’s in your food, how your food is grown and where your food has come from.

Charl is full of information from permaculture to recycling to vermicomposting. He is a Jack of All Trades. It was my pleasure to talk to him, hear the story of his inspiration of Permaculture and sharing his worm juice with his neighbors.

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Also, I have an article on how you can get your voice heard through the World Permaculture Community

Workshops In Germany!

Charl’s says to keep an eye out for a workshop in Germany later 2019!

Tricia Wilkes

Tricia Wilkes is the content manager at Orange Tree Marketing.

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