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The Lean Micro FarmClone of Salt and the Art of Seasoning

In an era where conventional wisdom has often pushed farmers towards “bigger is better,” Ben Hartman’s “The Lean Micro Farm” emerges as a revolutionary blueprint for the future of farming. Applauded by Curtis Stone, the author of The Urban Farmer, as a true innovator, Hartman challenges the status quo by advocating for the power and potential of small-scale farming.

A Bold Rejection of Industrial Farming’s Mantra

“The Lean Micro Farm” is Hartman’s response to the infamous advice of the 1970s, “get big or get out.” Inspired by the wisdom of Gene Logsdon, E.F. Schumacher, and Mahatma Gandhi, Hartman presents a compelling case for “getting small and staying in,” showcasing how micro farms can outperform their industrial-scale counterparts in both ecological and economic terms.

A Journey Towards a More Sustainable and Joyful Farming Future

Hartman’s own journey of downsizing his farm to a third of an acre without sacrificing income illustrates a transformative approach to farming that prioritizes family, community, and sustainability over sheer work volume. “The Lean Micro Farm” goes beyond philosophy, providing readers with concrete, step-by-step guidance on creating a thriving micro farm.

Lessons from the Forefront of the Micro Farming Movement

Featuring the stories of six pioneering farmers worldwide, Hartman highlights the resilience, innovation, and ecological harmony achievable through the “get small” mindset. These trailblazers offer inspiration and practical examples for facing global challenges like supply chain disruptions and climate change with grace and grit.

Key Takeaways for Aspiring and Seasoned Farmers Alike

“The Lean Micro Farm” equips readers with invaluable insights into:

  • The “deep mulch” method for enhancing soil fertility
  • Two-step bed flipping techniques for maximizing yields in small spaces
  • Selecting tools and technologies that are effective yet human-centric
  • Streamlining farm operations for peak efficiency
  • Crafting a business plan to generate substantial income from a small plot

Embracing a New Era of Farming with “The Lean Micro Farm”

Ben Hartman’s vision for the future of farming is clear: a shift towards micro farms that leverage ancestral knowledge, foster community bonds, and place human joy at the forefront of agricultural practices. “The Lean Micro Farm” is not just a book but a manifesto for a new kind of farming that is economically viable, ecologically sound, and profoundly fulfilling.

Dive into “The Lean Micro Farm” and discover how you can transform your farming practices, live a joy-filled life, and contribute to a sustainable future. Your journey to becoming a successful micro farmer begins now.

Author: Ben Hartman

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing UK

ISBN: 9781645022046

Pages: 272  

Language: English  

Country: UK  

Dimension: 7 x 10 inch