Keeping a Family Cow

Imagine the joy of greeting your own cow each morning, an animal that not only contributes to your family’s health with fresh dairy products but also enriches your land and life.

This vision is vividly brought to life in Joann Grohman’s revered book, Keeping a Family Cow.

Initially released in the 1970s as The Cow Economy, this guide has inspired countless individuals and families to embrace the fulfilling journey of small-scale dairy farming.

A Dairy Companion for Every Home

Grohman’s book is a beacon for those pondering the addition of a dairy cow to their life. It navigates common queries such as the space required and the choice of breed with wisdom and wit.

Holistic Dairy Delights

Untreated Milk’s Health Wonders: Discover the nutritional benefits that raw milk brings to the table.

Mastering the Milking Art: Grohman demystifies the milking process, making it accessible and enjoyable.

Selecting the Perfect Breed: Find out how to choose a breed that aligns with your dairy aspirations.

Sustainable Living with Your Cow

Nourishment Beyond Milk: Learn how your cow’s manure can transform your garden or farm.

Pasture and Pen Insights: Dive into effective fencing, pasture management, and cozy housing for your cow.

Emergency Cow Care: Grohman updates the book with essential advice for cow emergencies, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.

From Milk to Dairy Treats

Beyond the basics, the book also explores how to make butter, yogurt, and cheese at home.

It tackles the raw milk debate, differences between A1 and A2 milk, and the shift towards fully grassfed dairies with fresh perspectives.

A Timeless Dairy Farming Classic

Keeping a Family Cow stands as a testament to nearly four decades of dairy wisdom. Joann Grohman packs a lifetime of knowledge into this engaging guide. It’s not just about the how-tos of dairy farming but also celebrating the deep connection between humans and cows.

Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or a family dreaming of fresh milk, this book is a treasure trove of insights.

It’s time to embark on a journey that promises health, happiness, and a closer bond with nature. Let Keeping a Family Cow be your guide to the rewarding world of holistic dairy farming.

Author: Joann S. Grohman

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603584784

Country: UK  

Pages: 296

Language: English  

Dimension: 6 x 9 inch