Ollas is the answer to use up to 90% less water in your garden. It is an ancient irrigation technique, self-watering, low-tech, easy to DIY, that will keep your plants watered in the driest conditions.

Ollas are clay pots that are buried underground; the clay walls have a lot of holes in them and water can pass through slowly into the surrounding soil where it is absorbed by the roots of plants that are growing nearby.

This irrigation technique delivers water underground and directly where it is needed; when the soil is less saturated with water, the Clay’s water flow outward, when the soil is fully saturated the water stops flowing outward. This mean the soil never gets too wet or too dry.

This work according to the Permaculture principle n.4 (from David Holmgren): Apply Self-Regulation and Accept Feedback.

You can combine the use of Ollas with several techniques recommended in Permaculture like raised beds, mulching and Compost Tea. It’s enough you put your Compost Tea in the Ollas but remember to be careful about particles because you might clog up the pores and decrease the Ollas effectiveness. I recommend to filter very well the Compost Tea before adding that in the Ollas.

You can find more information on Ollas clicking this link

Where can you find Ollas? You can buy them on the Internet or you might be able to find some at a local gardening store. You can can make them yourself.

Enjoy the video below to learn more about Ollas and several ways you can make them using different resources and techniques.

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