In case your power goes out or if you just want to cook outside in your permaculture system, you need to build a rocket stove.

A rocket stove is a simple but ingenious invention permaculturists can build easily, everywhere in the world.

Rocket stoves offer close to complete combustion of the wood, meaning they are hyper-efficient and burn super-clean while producing a sufficient quantity of high-quality biochar.

People of many ancient and preindustrial civilizations produced biochar in such quantities that it even became one of the causes for the deforestation of whole regions and countries.

The biochar they produced was mainly used to melt ore, to work iron, to produce lime, to fire ceramics or simply for cooking and heating.

A considerable part of the finer biochar fraction was used in combination with organic wastes to improve soil fertility.

Biochar production allows farmers and gardeners to complete the resource loop on their own agroecosystem, where biochar can enter the local use cascades and become the basis for the humus enrichment of soil.

Rocket stoves are easily built from common materials.

Exoman and Farm Girl made an amazing rocket stove in 1 minute with cinder blocks and twigs.

We have built the same stove at the Urban Permaculture Laboratory

This is an amazing survival cooking setup or just a useful trick to know.

This quick utube video shows how to make a rocket stove in just a 1 minute once you have a block with the end cut out.

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