Hemp: It’s Own Purification System

Hemp and Phytodepuration?

Let’s continue with The Water Purification Series, however, let me give a few quick warnings! 1. Hemp is quite controversial! 2. Hemp is illegal still in a lot of places, so if you want to use Hemp for your water purification system (or for any other purpose), please check with your local laws and ordinances. Phytodepuration can be done using many of different types of plants I will continue this series with bamboo and vetiver so with that if using hemp is too controversial for you, please stick with me. I will be following up on this subject with different plants.

The Hemp Controversy

Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant. The plant is grown for industrial use: paper, textiles, clothing, biodegradable plastics, paint, insulation, biofuel, food, and animal feed. What makes this topic, so TABOO is that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is still a part of the chemical concentration of hemp. However, the strength of the THC is significantly lower which decreases the psychoactive activity that this drug is so well known.  Do you think that the positive attributes of this plant can clear the air and water on its bad name and reputation? 

One Test Study

One case study by Science Direct using hemp on heavily polluted soils. They examined four different parts of the plant: seeds, leaves, fibers, and hurds.  In each case, the concentration relation was Ni>Pb>Cd. However, the heavy metal accumulation in the different parts of the plant was extremely different. In this field trial, hemp showed a phytoremediation potential of 126 g Cd (ha vegetation period)−1. They tested the fiber quality by measuring the pure fiber content of the stems and the fiber properties after mechanical separation. Additionally, the fiber fineness was examined using airflow systems and image analysis. Even though this test was conducted on soil, not using water, but the results on the soil will bring an in-direct response to the water by purifying the soil, you will purify the water.

Hemp Or Lead?

Even though Hemp may be controversial, it’s ideal for Phytodepuration because it eliminates the lead into its biomass and the plant isn’t affected by lead and toxins. The plant also has very deep roots, grows very rapidly.


I am not a Cannabis Activist; World Permaculture Association doesn’t promote or suggest any kind of recreational or illegal use of Hemp or any other illegal activity. This video goes into Phytodepuration a minute into the video. However, I feel the additional information in this video needs to be talked about. The value of one plant that can clean the air, water, and soil.  Additionally, help fight deforestation by being a paper alternative. As well as a fully biodegradable plastic alternative that would further stop the pollution epidemic.

HEMP and Permaculture

Hemp in the Permaculture communities is not a new concept. This plant does not need any pesticides or fertilizer to grow which is a great plant to start in organic farming or a permaculture system. The plant will also enrich the soil to even furthermore benefit crop rotation.

Aqua Hemp System at Virgin Hemp Farms

This system is amazing! This Video is a great demonstration of hemp working within an ecosystem to purify water in a sustainable system. Using what is known with aquaponics and adding to that system to make it a whole self-sustaining and purifying ecosystem

The design of sustainable creative systems that work with our environment not against it is what makes me proud to have left my corporate position and dedicate my life to be in Permaculture!

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