Guest Write for the WPA. Why?

Do you have a voice that can make an impact on where the world is heading?

Do you have an expertise or knowledge to share with the community?

There is a need for people in Permaculture who can open peoples eyes and demand change.

All people, all neighbors are apart of the same one community, Earth.

Being a Guest Writer spreads the message, in your own words, to a greater audience.

Join Guest Writers like John D. Liu, Judith Schwartz, John Button, Rhamis Kent, Lady Flora and other leaders in our community.

Become A Guest Writer, Be Part Of Our Community

When you become a guest writer for The World Permaculture Association, your message will not only be shared with your audience.

You will also be featured across our Facebook Page, Our Facebook Group, the Images will be Pinned on Pinterest and Instagram.

You will have a growing audience of thousands.

Your article may also be shared on our newsletter and other media outlets.

We aim to provide a guest writing experience that’s easy and rewarding.

Guest Writer Submission Policy

Offer a unique perspective on Permaculture and related topics.

The World Permaculture Association is a small non-profit.

We cannot pay for submissions.

Article Requirements

  • Article Copy: 300-2000 words, with Blog Title, Headline, and Subheadings
  • If you quote or reference another content creator’s work, please provide Citations/References

Guest Writer Information

  • Name
  • Title
  • Bio: 150-250 word description
  • Profile Picture: high resolution image
  • Organization

Guest Writer Pictures

Pictures: PNG or JPEG at 72 dpi.

Images will be used in the body of the article, next to the most relevant Headline or Subheader.

In addition pictures must be royalty free.


Videos are not required. However, if you want to include videos, please upload them to your youtube channel and provide the embed link.


You will always be referenced as the original content creator.

Right to Publish

By submitting content, images, and videos, you are consequently giving us the right to publish your content (either in segments or in it’s entirety), on any of our current blogs, funnels, social media channels, newsletters, and email sequences, and to edit it (if necessary) for SEO reasons.

Guest Writer: Tips And Tricks

When you’re writing to publish on a blog site or a social media site the end goal is to have your writing seen by millions and for the post to go “viral.”

Here are some tips and tricks to get your words in front of more people.

1. Know your audience and what resonates with them

  • What do they find funny?
  • What do they find controversial or polarizing?
  • What’s their biggest burning question?

2. Make sure you’re writing original material, in your unique voice.

Make sure; you’re shining through!

3. Titles, Headers, and Keywords are most of the battle, connecting words that are searched in a way that leaves the reader wanting more.

Connect with your reader on multiple levels use images, infographics, and videos.

4. Being able to then share your images and infographics on Pinterest and other social media platforms.

Additionally, sharing videos to Youtube.

Multipurpose the same blog post in many ways.

5. One last thought, when you read your writing think to yourself: If I stumbled across this article would I share this?