Gift Exchange: Essential Oils

Exchange of gifts, here we are! How nice to receive a gift from the person who loves us. Finally one of the best moments of Christmas has arrived, perhaps the most cheerful. It’s time to take the packages from under the tree and exchange them with relatives and friends.

Tradition has it that Christmas presents under the lighted tree on the night of Christmas Eve. But many postpone the moment of exchange of gifts the next day when the whole family finds the gift themselves for Christmas lunch. Whatever your choice, use essential oils to create a magical and festive atmosphere! Open your heart with the warm scents of love and bring good humor and joy to your family.

Box Box Christmas

Gift Exchange With Rose Oil

The exchange of gifts is a sign of love and affection; it puts us in communion with others. The content of the gift is not so important, and the important thing is the message it contains. The wait is the most pleasant part there is the desire to discover what has been given to us, but also to give a pleasant memory to the people we care about most.

Essential oils can make the special moment of exchanging gifts,  can bring harmony in the heart with their warmth and their sweetness. To prepare the room at the most beautiful moment, pour a few drops of Rose mixture into the diffuser. 

The aromas of rose, geranium, bergamot, and mandarin will open the heart and make us inclined to accept the gift in its most beautiful and purest form. The heart notes of the flowers combined with those of citrus fruits relax the senses and remove stress, opening at the same time the doors of perception — precious aromas which you can fully enjoy the pleasure of being together and exchanging gifts, opening your sense of generosity and altruism.

Gift Exchange: Return To Being Children 

Also, the Bimbìo blend is ideal for flavoring the environment before the exchange of gifts. We all return to being children, we become impatient, and we get carried away with joy and good humor. Breathing the aromas of happiness and children brings euphoria and makes us go back in time, awakening our purity of mind and our desire to play.

The citrus, sweet and warm aromas of mandarin and sweet orange are the most volatile. With their lightness, they will make our mind fly with stimulating creativity and imagination. The penetrating and intense aroma of vanilla, however, is reassuring and focuses on our deepest desires, caressing our most primal and purest parts.

Shared Happiness

Seize the Christmas party atmosphere to the fullest by pouring a few drops of Bimbìo mixture into the diffuser. Spread in the room where the exchanging of gifts will occur the aromas of joy to create a unique climate of contentment and joy of life. Good humor will thank you, and you can enjoy the joy of shared happiness, with family or friends.

After all, the magic of the moment of the gift exchange is found in harmony, in the enthusiasm, and the joy that one breathes. And remember: the value of a gift is all in love with which we choose and we deliver.


Flora is a verified donor of the World Permaculture Association and produces all of their essential oils according to permaculture ethics and principles. We are proud to share the products of Flora with you and to have Flora as a verified donor to our shared mission and purpose.

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