Foundational Concepts


“Permaculture is about creating and maintaining relationships.

Developing healthycommunities, permaculture people live by sharing resources and supporting each other.

It begins with all the plants and animals, buildings and resources that can be found in and around your home.

Permaculture is a continuing process exploring the ways in which you can fulfill the needs of the things around you while having your own needs met.”


“Permaculture is a process of growing awareness.

Linking people with plants andanimals, permaculture promotes conscious living, sustainable development and resource conservation.

It is a response to the industrial urbanization of the Earth and resulting toxification of the biosphere. The permaculture path opens dialogues about finding creative solutions for problems in the present.”


“Permaculture consciousness enhances our ability to work with maps and connect to the territory.

It looks towards saving energy, conserving resources and forming long-term interdependent relationships with whole communities of living things.

Permaculture develops applied understandings of the subtle implications and felt impacts of our actions on the world around us. This whole system design post-paradigm can help us to streamline the way we plan the course of human development.”

Delvin Solkinson

“Permaculture is a solution based way of life that offers opportunity to live in right relationship with the earth, its people and future generations to come.

By taking a whole systems approach to design, Permaculture looks to the root of the worlds problems and seeks answers that are thoughtful, inclusive and long term with a goal of building a regenerative, healthy and thriving natural and social ecology.”

Kym Chi

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