Permaculture is the spirit of the age.

Appropriate actions at this time include a duty to of care to look after the world and its people and build healthy foundations for the future.

The Prime Directive of Permaculture from Bill Mollison :

“The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children”

Earth Care

This is the covenant we have with our world in exchange for the gift of our life.

Humanity has a responsibility to love and protect the Earth.

Earth Care means looking out for the holistic health of all livings things on our planet. Our mission is to repair, conserve and regenerate the Earth.

People Care

Our covenant with each other is to love and protect all people.

People Care means looking out for the health and welfare of our human family.

Providing healthy homes, food and medicine is a part of this. Our mission is to to seek peace and guard human rights everywhere.

Future Care

Originally Bill Mollison characterized this as two different but related ethics “Set Limits to Population and Consumption” and “Generate Surplus and Reinvest in People are and Earth Care”.

At the turn of the millennium it was described as ‘Fair Share’, the essence of previous articulations.

The African School of Permaculture brilliantly describes this as Future Care.

All living things have the same inherent value and right to live a healthy life, including the generations to come.

Generate an abundance and share the Earth’s resources generously and equally with all things.

Our mission is to invest all capital intelligence and goodwill and labour to Earth Care and People Care.

“Passionate and Caring People are the Heart of Permaculture.

People working together and sharing their journey, growing together in Community, growing food, babies, ideas, actions, groups and social enterprises, supporting healthy people and a healthy planet.”

Robin Clayfield

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