The Wild Wisdom of Weeds

“The Wild Wisdom of Weeds” by Katrina Blair is a unique exploration of foraging and edible weeds, focusing on thirteen plants found worldwide.

These plants are not only a food source but also a vast medical pharmacy and first-aid resource.

Blair’s journey from a young forager to a wild-foods advocate frames this guide as a plan for human survival and reconnecting with nature.

Global Weeds for Global Survival

  • Identifies thirteen essential weeds like dandelion and plantain.
  • These plants offer food security and ecological regeneration.

A Life Changed by Weeds

  • At eleven, Blair was called to champion the cause of wild plants.
  • She became a wild-foods advocate and educator, promoting health through foraging.

Beyond a Field Guide

  • Offers a sobering yet optimistic outlook on achieving true food security.
  • Encourages seeing the value in weeds we often try to eradicate.

From Foraging to Feasting

  • Includes over one hundred recipes from soups to seed breads and beyond.
  • Teaches how to prepare these plants from root to seed.

Natural Remedies and Self-Care

  • Features first-aid concoctions and beauty products.
  • Empowers individuals to maintain health with minimal cost and effort.

“The Wild Wisdom of Weeds” is more than a guide; it’s a manifesto for survival, nutrition, and reconnecting with our wild instincts, all through the lens of thirteen globally pervasive weeds.

Author: Katrina Blair

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603585163

Pages: 384

Country: UK  

Language: English  

Dimension: 7 x 10 inch