The Home-Scale Forest Garden

Awarded the 2023 GardenComm Media Awards Gold Laurel Medal of Achievement, “The Home-Scale Forest Garden” by Dani Baker is a compelling invitation to gardeners and growers to reimagine their relationship with the land. Drawing from a permaculture workshop that sparked a transformative gardening experiment, Baker guides readers through the creation of an “Enchanted Edible Forest,” showcasing the potential to cultivate a thriving edible ecosystem in harmony with nature.

A Journey of Discovery and Growth

Dani Baker’s transition from a market gardener to a forest gardener in upstate New York serves as an inspiring blueprint for anyone looking to foster a bountiful edible landscape. “The Home-Scale Forest Garden” is not merely a collection of techniques; it’s a comprehensive narrative that blends practical guidance with personal insights, making the forest gardening journey accessible to all.

From Vision to Verdant Reality

This meticulously crafted guide offers everything you need to know about planning, planting, and nurturing an edible forest garden. Highlights include:

  • Adapting permaculture principles for home-scale projects
  • Techniques for observing and mapping your garden space
  • Innovative planting bed designs, including hügelkultur mounds
  • Strategies for managing saturated soil and creating diverse plant layers
  • Tips for establishing microclimates to diversify your crop range

A Rich Tapestry of Edible Flora

With a focus on cold-hardy berry bushes, fruit and nut trees, perennial vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, and mushrooms, Baker provides an extensive catalog of over 100 varieties suited for every garden layer. The book is adorned with over 200 photographs documenting a decade of forest development, alongside practical illustrations to guide readers in crafting their forest garden designs.

Lessons from the Edible Forest

Beyond the how-to, Baker shares candid reflections on both her triumphs and trials, from the “Asian Pear Adventure” to the “Tamarack Travesty.” These stories offer valuable lessons on the dynamic nature of forest gardens, enriching the reader’s understanding of how to adapt and evolve their garden practices for maximum yield and ecological benefit.

Embark on Your Forest Garden Adventure

Whether you’re an experienced gardener with a passion for sustainability or a newcomer eager to explore the bounty of edible landscapes, “The Home-Scale Forest Garden” is your gateway to a new gardening ethos. Dani Baker’s guide empowers you to work alongside nature, expanding the diversity and productivity of your garden in ways you never imagined.

Dive into “The Home-Scale Forest Garden” and begin your transformative journey towards a sustainable, edible paradise right in your backyard.

Author: Dani Baker

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781645020981

Pages: 336

Country: UK  

Language: English  

Dimension: 8 x 10 inch