Lean Logic

David Fleming’s “Lean Logic” is not just a book but a monumental exploration of the possibilities for our future.

Spanning over thirty years of work, it presents a testament to Fleming’s intellectual brilliance and creative vision.

This dictionary of the future delves into topics from boredom and community to utopia and trust, offering a unique look at our world and its potential.

A Unique Dictionary for a Sustainable Future

“Lean Logic” stands out with its unconventional format—404 essay-entries inviting readers to weave through Fleming’s comprehensive analysis of our market-based economy’s failings and his vision for a sustainable society.

Exploring Interconnectedness

Fleming artfully connects diverse fields—science, art, economics, and more—showcasing the interdependence of ecological, economic, and cultural foundations. This format encourages exploration and discovery, making “Lean Logic” a perfect book for readers seeking depth and connection.

A Vision of Cohesion and Resilience

At its heart, “Lean Logic” champions a society that thrives beyond the unsustainable quest for eternal economic growth. Fleming imagines a world where cultural richness and ecological health form the basis of a life well-lived.

Inspired by History, Guided by Optimism

Drawing on a vast array of cultural and historical references, Fleming illustrates the long-standing success of the principles he advocates. Despite acknowledging the challenges ahead, “Lean Logic” inspires hope in humanity’s capacity to foster a healthier relationship with our planet.

“Surviving the Future” for a Broader Audience

To make Fleming’s vision more accessible, Shaun Chamberlin has edited “Surviving the Future,” offering a pathway through “Lean Logic” in a traditional format. This companion volume distills Fleming’s insights into a compelling narrative on culture, carnival, and capital in a post-market economy.

Dive into “Lean Logic” and be part of the movement towards a sustainable, fulfilling future. David Fleming’s legacy is a blueprint for resilience, community, and ecological stewardship, challenging us to rethink our place in the world.

Author: David Fleming

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603586481

Country: UK  

Pages: 656

Language: English  

Dimension: 7 x 9 inch