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The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening

Mark Ridsdill Smith, the force behind “Vertical Veg,” presents a comprehensive guide for anyone eager to grow their own food but limited by space.

“The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening” is your ticket to abundant harvests in the smallest of spaces, from window sills to patios.

Make Every Inch Count

Discover how to transform balconies, walls, and even windowsills into productive garden spaces. Ridsdill Smith shares his decade of experience, turning limited areas into bountiful container gardens.

Expert Tips for Year-Round Gardening

Inside, you’ll uncover:

  • Mark’s easy “Eight Steps to Success.”
  • Strategies to maximize your growing area.
  • A garden planning calendar for continual harvests.
  • Beginner and advanced planting projects.
  • Essential composting and wormery know-how.

Overcome Urban Gardening Challenges

Tackle the unique hurdles of small-space gardening with Mark’s practical troubleshooting guide. Learn how to nurture your plants for maximum yield and minimal fuss.

More Than Just Food

Ridsdill Smith demonstrates that container gardening can be a rewarding pursuit for your wellbeing and community. It’s an enriching journey from pot to plate, offering nutritious, home-grown food.

From Passion to Plate

Through successes and learning experiences, Mark shows that limited space doesn’t mean limited harvests. Container gardening is an accessible, enriching hobby with tangible rewards.

“The Vertical Veg Guide to Container Gardening” empowers you to garden anywhere, turning the tiniest spots into sources of fresh, nutritious food.

Dive into container gardening and transform your urban space today.

Author: Mark Ridsdill Smith

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781645021506

Pages: 320

Country: UK  

Language: English  

Dimension: 7 x 9.7 inch