The Art of Leading Collectively

Unite for Impact: “The Art of Leading Collectively” by Petra Kuenkel is a vital guide for leaders across sectors aiming to address global sustainability crises.

Beyond Traditional Leadership: Discover a new era of leadership focused on collaboration and collective action.

Kuenkel offers a profound shift from individual to group-led endeavors.

The Collective Leadership Compass: Learn to navigate complex issues with Kuenkel’s innovative tool, designed to orchestrate multi-stakeholder initiatives for sustainable development.

Real-World Successes: Be inspired by global examples where collective leadership has led to sustainable textiles, coffee production, and post-war reconstruction.

A Roadmap for Change: Ideal for corporate, public, and nonprofit leaders, this book is a blueprint for fostering partnerships and solving critical sustainability challenges together.

Author: Petra Kuenkel

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781603586269

Pages: 304

Country: UK  

Language: English  

Dimension: 6 x 9 inch