The Right Atmosphere: Essential Oils For Students

Using Essential Oils in the classroom to create the right atmosphere helps to involve the kids. Aromatherapy can be used to capture their attention and encouraging socialization.

The start of school after vacation is not easy for the kids to find the right concentration level. Their desire to be seated and to follow one or more lessons is difficult. For many, the beginning of school also means confronting new and unknown people, including classmates and teachers. Using aromatherapy and essential oils can cause more serenity and peacefulness in a hectic classroom. 

Spread in an environment the right essential oils, respecting doses and mixing, has a dual influence: in the respiratory tract thanks to balsámica and purifying air and psycho-emotional level due to the message of the perfume to stimulate in us special emotions and feelings.

Aromatherapy: Classroom Socialization With Citrus Fruits.

According to aromatherapy the scent notes of essential oils extracted from citrus fruits facilitate socialization, encouraging openness to others, thus stimulating good humor and collaboration. Essential oils extracted from citrus fruits are not particularly contra-indications when used with children aged 6 and over.

Citrus Essential Oils In The Classroom

The Essential Oil of Sweet Orange

(Citrus aurantium var. Dulcis)  cold pressing of the skins of the fruit. It is a top note with a fresh, citrus and sweet scent that facilitates opening up towards the other kids, favoring good humor.

The Essential Oil of Red Mandarin

(Citrus reticulata) cold pressing the skins of the fruit. A sweet and floral scent, inhaled in high doses can be euphoric. The correct dose will also prevent conflicts with other students.

The Essential Oil of Lemon

(Citrus limón) by cold pressing the skins of the fruit. It is a top note suitable for those who do not like the rest of the citrus because its scent is fresher and pungent. It stimulates good mood and concentration.

If a single fragrance does not convince you, we can offer you two blends of essential oils FLORA based citrus, created to stimulate good mood and socialization: Buonumore blend with 100% pure, natural and total essential oils of sweet orange, lime, lemon, litsea, and osmanthus; All fruits blend, with 100% pure, natural and total essential oils of orange, bergamot, lime, mandarin, grapefruit, vanilla.

Concentration with Balsamic Notes In The Classroom

Essential Oil of Lemongrass: (Cymbopogon citrates) by steam distillation of the whole plant. Top note with a fruity and fresh scent that stimulates no positive sensations, facilitating concentration.

Peppermint Essential Oil (Mentha x Piperita) by steam distillation of the whole flowering plant. Top note from the fresh scent típico of mint, has a clarifying effect helps to make order in mind, favoring concentration.

Rosemary Essential Oil (Rosmarinus officinalis)  by steam distillation of the whole plant in bloom. Top note with an aromatic and spicy scent, helps reduce mental fatigue, facilitates concentration and stimulates our memory.

If you find monotonous or tooinsíare heading one fragrance, we can suggest two blends of essential oils FLORA. Please indicate whether you want to capture the attention and MantenKing live concentration. Energy, with 100% pure, natural and total essential oils of fir, bergamot, camphor, lemon, myrtle, grapefruit, and fresh mint, with 100% pure, natural and total essential oils of fir, lime, mint, and grapefruit.

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