Harmony Beyond Conflict: Unveiling the Transformative Power of “Building Walls Breaking Walls” and Permaculture


In the midst of tumultuous Israeli-Palestinian relations, a beacon of hope emerged with the inception of the “Building Walls Breaking Walls” youth exchange program.

Created for individuals aged 20-25 from Switzerland, Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Israel, and Palestine, this initiative embarked on a mission to challenge stereotypes and foster mutual understanding.

Project Overview

Initially established as an ERASMUS + Youth Exchange program, “Building Walls Breaking Walls” aimed to break down cultural barriers while actively contributing to local communities.

The program brought together diverse participants for an intensive week of living, learning, and building together.

The overarching goals included promoting active citizenship, solidarity, and a deeper sense of understanding.

Diverse Environmental Connections

A unique aspect of the program lies in its strategic selection of five different locations each year, offering participants a diverse experience close to nature.

From the scenic Alps of Switzerland to Cape Clear Island off Ireland’s southern coast and the arid Arava desert in Israel at Kibbutz Lotan, young people immersed themselves in sustainable practices, community-building, and environmental conservation.

Building with Purpose: Materials and Methods

At sites in Switzerland and Ireland, participants engaged in the traditional method of constructing drystone walls, guided by skilled craftspeople.

These walls, made with local materials and natural methods, contributed to the restoration of fallen structures in the communities.

In Israel, the approach took a unique turn.

Utilizing earth plaster and recycled materials, participants at Kibbutz Lotan employed methods developed by the community.

The resulting structures symbolize intercultural cooperation, ecological restoration, and become a platform for dialogue on walls and borders between diverse cultures.

Eco-Friendly Reflection and Exchange

Beyond the physical act of building, the walls become a symbolic tool for reflection and exchange on the complex topic of walls and borders.

By incorporating permacultural principles, the program encourages participants to explore sustainable solutions to cultural, environmental, and political challenges.

A Reflection on the Unknown

As an enthusiastic supporter of the project, my current lack of information on its status leaves me pondering the developments post the October 2023 attacks by Hamas and Israel’s intense reaction.

The evolving narrative of “Building Walls Breaking Walls” raises questions about its resilience in the face of geopolitical complexities.

Permaculture’s Role in Conflict Resolution

Amidst the uncertainty, the role of permaculture in conflict resolution becomes prominent.

Permaculture principles emphasize harmony with nature, sustainable practices, and community resilience.

Can these principles extend to mending the fabric of deeply entrenched conflicts, such as the Israeli-Palestinian situation?

The Power of Sincere Prayer

In contemplating conflict resolution, the addition of sincere prayer introduces a spiritual dimension.

Regardless of one’s faith, prayer has the potential to cultivate empathy, understanding, and a collective yearning for peace.

Can intertwining permaculture practices with sincere prayers become a holistic approach to healing divisions?


“Building Walls Breaking Walls” stands as a testament to the transformative potential of human connections and sustainable practices.

As the project’s journey continues, it remains a beacon of hope, illustrating that even in the face of uncertainty, initiatives grounded in understanding, ecology, and community have the power to shape a harmonious future.

Giuseppe Tallarico

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