“Biocivilisations” by Dr. Predrag Slijepčević rethinks life’s essence. It challenges the reductionist view of life as merely genetic. This book bridges science, philosophy, and art, urging a new understanding of life’s creativity.

Challenging Genetic Determinism

The book disputes the idea that life is just genes. It argues for recognizing life’s creative force.

Introducing Biocivilisations

Dr. Slijepčević introduces the concept of “biocivilisations”. These are complex societies of non-human species, showcasing creativity and resilience.

Ancient Life’s Wisdom

Life thrived long before humans. “Biocivilisations” highlights the wisdom of these ancient life forms.

A Call for Maturity

The book calls for humans to become a mature species. It urges respect for all life forms and their interconnectedness.

Rethinking Human Dominance

“Biocivilisations” suggests rethinking our place on Earth. It advocates learning from the planet’s ancient inhabitants.

Expanding Our View

The book expands our understanding of life. It shows life’s uncertainty and the quasi-certainty of human science is narrow.

A More Inclusive Science

Dr. Slijepčević proposes a new scientific paradigm. One that includes the wisdom of all life forms.

“Biocivilisations” invites us to learn from Earth’s ancient wisdom. It’s a call to embrace a broader perspective on life.

Author: Predrag B. Slijepčević

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 9781645021384

Pages: 272

Country: UK  

Language: English  

Dimension: 6 x 9 inch