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For much of her life, Weruschca Kirkegaard has worked as an interior decorator specializing in large-scale project management, with a particular focus on historical building materials and renovation. She has developed an eye for detail and an ability to think big. She also spent part of her childhood on her father's farm, which explains her passion for both nature and good food - and her detour into launching a jazzy French Brasserie in central Amsterdam. Her combined interests in aesthetics, form, and health, coupled with concern over the stresses of our natural environment led her to Permaculture. Entering the world of Regenerative Practices felt like coming home. The next step, Ecosystem Design, now allows Weruschca to bring her skills to a larger ecological canvas: whether a homestead, farm or (sub)-urban garden; commercial or family food production; or simply a source of beauty and inspiration. To re-wild your surroundings, so to speak. She is an Ecosystem Designer and a proud ambassador to the Ecosystem Restoration Camps, providing both assessment and implementation services. With extensive graphics experience, she also offer design services for both clients and other designers. Delivering detailed and multi-layered base maps to inform and inspire sustainable ecological design and enable communication to decision-makers according to the common vision, language and process that this requires. As she is committed to moving regenerative solutions forward she's equally keen on (assistant) project management and large-scale assessments and designs as part of a team. List of Credentials: Fluency in five languages. Extensive experience in sales, marketing, graphics and project management. Certificates in Extended Permaculture Design (WPA), Permaculture in Action (Zaytuna Australia), and Professional Permaculture and Ecosystem Design with Daniel Halsey. In progress, certification with Dr. Elaine Ingham (The Soil Foodweb).