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As a radical agronomist dedicated exclusively to natural agriculture in all its forms. In 2018, I pioneered Regenerative Agriculture during the international event "I Maestri del Paesaggio," focusing on urban regeneration in the municipality of Bergamo. I am a co-founder of the World Permaculture Association. My educational journey began with a diploma as an Agricultural Expert from the Technical Agricultural Institute of Bergamo, followed by a degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies from the Faculty of Agriculture in Bologna. This enabled me to qualify for professional practice at ODAF Bergamo. During my studies, I developed a strong inclination towards organizing sustainable projects characterized by high resilience and naturalness. My professional career commenced in the Municipality of Urgnano (BG), where I served as a technical agronomic consultant for the Ecology office. My role involved developing relationships with private and public stakeholders, managing critical issues, and participating in design tenders. A significant collaboration was with the ARPA agency of Bergamo. Alongside my agronomic consulting, I pursued ongoing education in biodynamic agriculture, regenerative agriculture, phytodepuration, sustainable design of green spaces, and closed-cycle agricultural businesses. I have gained experience in experimental cultivation and established a permacultural research and experimentation system (Laboratory of Temperate Permaculture), among many other activities. My profile is further enhanced by technological proficiency with main computer tools, such as 3D design, and the development of a solid network of high-profile international collaborators and professional contacts. I co-designed with my colleague, Agronomist Dr. Giuseppe Tallarico, in an international tender won with the Sovereign State of Jordan. As the Technical Manager of a Laboratory at Biofactory spa (Fertil srl), a leading company in Italy for producing compost and cultivation substrates, I am responsible for Quality Analysis and Research and Development. I am the founder and president of the Gruppo Ecologico Colognese. In my role, I support agricultural companies in transitioning towards the creation of highly natural Agricultural Organisms, conducting interventions for individual farms or groups of companies.