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Kate is a language teacher and a bioenergy healer who has been traveling the world for twentysomething years. She has been supporting her travels by doing work exchange and seasonal work in nature reserves, vineyards and orchards. She became fascinated with Permaculture and food foresting in 2013 while contributing to projects in rural South Africa and Thailand. Besides running bioenergy healing sessions for humans and animals, Kate is a writer and a nature lover. She is currently finishing her first collection of short stories. Her intention is to inspire a more awakened way of living in tune with nature and all of its creations. Another mission is to find a place to settle and become self-employed as a writer, healer... and of course to be the queen of her very own Permaculture queendom. Tenerife might be the place. In the future, she hopes to teach Permaculture classes to new generations of little humans who are as eager to learn how to be better guardians of this beautiful planet that is home not to a selected few, but to all of us. To find out more about Kate’s adventures in Permaculture, her travels and her healing practice, please visit www.kateamaran.simplesite.com.