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Charl Laing is a dedicated individual which strives to help others in promoting positive environmental actions. He was introduced to the concept of Permaculture many years ago, and through his studies in becoming an Environmental Manager, he has grown more of a passion to the use of Permaculture as being the solution to many environmental problems. Today we face many environmental problems of which the majority are caused by the actions of humans. Water scarcity, food insecurity, irregular weather patterns, natural disasters are only a few to mention however, many of us are not aware of the fact that our actions are the cause. Thus, his contribution in his writings is to bring awareness to everyone on how we humans have degraded the Earth´s landscapes and how Permaculture can be used as the solution to remedy these problems. He has attended multiple courses offered by Giuseppe Tallarico and the World Permaculture Association, of which many concepts came to light to him. He had this inner feeling that somehow he needs to become more involved and now from being a student, he has become a proud colleague of the World Permaculture Association.