Aromatherapy: Emotional and Energetic Well-being

All the relationships we establish with the things around us, with our acquaintances and friends, exist because of our senses. What we see, feel, touch, taste and “smell,” gives us information regarding the world around us and our inner self. One of these senses is the sense of smell, which allows us to smell and perceive aromas and scents. Additionally, we use this sense to predict the flavor and the taste of what we will eat. Also to remember emotions and memories and to feel the type of energy which characterizes a person. Aromatherapy and benefiting from the sense of smell can enhance our emotional and energetic well being. 

The Sense of Smell

The sense of smell is the most primordial and evocator of our senses. There are two possible explanations for these peculiarities which characterize the sense of smell.

The first is anatomical because some fibers of the olfactory nerve are related to the amygdala and to the hypothalamus. These areas which are directly related to the memory and the emotions.

The second is evolutionary, in fact, given that the smell allows us to distinguish between good and bad. For example the difference between what is healthy for our body and what is not. As our emotions allow us to determine what is to our liking and what is not.

Scents and Aromas of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy’s treatments are enhanced based on the principles and characteristics of the sense of smell.  According to Aromatherapy, it is possible to have a positive impact on our emotional and energetic well-being by using the right aromas. Aromatherapy uses the evocative power of scents and aromas in the air, accompanied by meditation exercises and by mindful breathing, in massages by using vegetable oils enriched by certain essential oils.

It is necessary to point out that Aromatherapy treatments are not a cure. Aromatherapy is a valuable tool for improving the quality of our energetic life. Aromatherapy treatments can help get in contact with our emotions and balance the energies which circulate in our body. If you want to have an Aromatherapy treatment, it is good to consult an aromatherapist or a recognized professional holistic operator. The use of essential oils inside our massage oils is a good practice which must be preceded by a correct level of information.

The World of Aromatherapy

In Conclusion, For these reasons, we suggest you become part of the world of Aromatherapy. We are pioneers in the world of Aromatherapy since 1989. We have been studying, informing and keeping up to offer the best tools for your well-being. Since 1989 we have been engaging in the dissemination and the organization of courses in Aromatherapy, using teachers with a long-standing experience, valuable tools, and 100% pure, natural and total essential oils.


Flora is a verified donor of the World Permaculture Association and produces all of their essential oils according to permaculture ethics and principles. We are proud to share the products of Flora with you and to have Flora as a verified donor to our shared mission and purpose.

Lady Flora

Sonia de Angelis, also known as Lady Flora, is a dynamic, curious, determined and, explosive woman. She is a loving and present mother, and a sincere and heartfelt friend. Sonia is a person who is passionate about essential oils and Aromatherapy. She follows and promotes a lifestyle filled with the power of nature. Since finding and experiencing the natural benefits of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy she wants to spread the benefits as well as tips and recipes worldwide for all to experience. “I am part of the lucky circle of friends who have benefited from her advice” Valentina Longo